Introducing “Pusher” Another Player In The Twin Flame “Runner” Dynamic

Twin Flame "Pusher"
Twin Flame “Pusher”


Introducing “Pusher” Another Player In The Twin Flame “Runner” Dynamic

Sometimes in the beginning of the Twin Flame Journey we have the Twin Flame “Runner. It’s a stage that involves one of the Twins “running” away from the relationship. I have even had a woman tell me that her Twin jumped up and ran out of her house and I believed her because I had almost the same thing happen to me once. Some of these go on to become a “Runner” and “Chaser” Dynamic.

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But I have noticed that there is another player in this Twin Flame “Runner” Dynamic that isn’t talked about and doesn’t have a label yet so today I am going to give them a name. Let’s call them “the Twin Flame “Pusher”. What or Who is this? You might be asking.

Now this may resonate with some of you that think every time you are not in contact with your Twin Flame they are a “Runner”. The Twin Flame “Pusher” is someone that consciously or unconsciously or even semi consciously is pushing their Twin Flame away. And how they do that is by not recognizing that the Twin Flame Relationship is a 5D relationship and that it is not supposed to be played out the same as a 3D relationship.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some Twin Flames having successful 3D type relationships in the beginning. That does happen for some Twin Flames.

What it means is that first and foremost Twin Flames are a Spiritual relationship that is meant to propel you onto your Spiritual path and up the Spiritual Ladder by giving you motivation (such as taking your twin flame away from you). That’s right IF You are not making progress the Universe may step in and separate You from Your Twin Flame.

So how do I know this that there is such a thing as a Twin Flame “Pusher”? Because Spirit pointed it out to me when I was guilty of this myself in the beginning of my Twin Flame relationship. Then he made me explore all the ways that I was pushing my Twin Flame away from me. Today he told me to write my Blog about the Twin Flame “Pusher”

Let me assure You that most of the time we don’t even know we are being a “Pusher”.

QUESTION: So how are we pushing them away? And what are we pushing them away with?

ANSWER: Expectations of a 3D relationship.

QUESTION: Why are we doing that?

ANSWER: Because we have been conditioned to do that since we were little girls. What were our stories, games, movies and fairy tales about? Being rescued by a Man and living Happily Ever After.

The 3D Fairy Tale of Love.
The 3D Fairy Tale of Love.

QUESTION: Why doesn’t it work?

ANSWER: Because we are not meant to have a 3D Relationship with them anymore. In fact that Fairy tale about being rescued by a Man and living Happily Ever After is no longer valid in 2016 and beyond. Woman of the World are now being called to step up into their Goddess Energy. This is what excepting the 5D relationship is about, knowing that You are a Goddess.

My Twin Flame Love Goddess
My Twin Flame Love Goddess

Part of the Mission for all Twin Flames is to BE in a new type of Love, to Bring this new 5D Love to our Twin Flames and show that 5D type of Love to the rest of the world.

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