Twin Flame "Runner"
Help for Painful Twin Flame “Runner” stage

Many of us Twin Flames started looking for help with our Love Life around the somewhat painful stage known as the “Runner” in the Twin Flame Journey. Here are 11 ways to help you through this stage!!

We were having this fantastic but short lived relationship with the most wonderful Man or Woman we had ever met, everything was Heavenly and then Bam!! they were gone! We can’t believe it, we are devastated and they are apparently just fine without us?

Nothing makes sense. We can’t understand how they could just walk away from the best thing that ever happened to us? Wasn’t it like that for them too?  We feel like our Heart was ripped out of our chest!

We cry to our well meaning friends and family and are given the sound advice to “just forget about someone that would treat us like that. That they must not have been that “into” us. That we are a prize and soon we will be happily in the arms of someone that appreciates us”.

So we nod our heads and agree but even though we try to get over them, we know something that our well meaning friends and family don’t. We know that this wasn’t something we had ever felt before and deep, deep down inside we know that we will never feel like that with anyone else ever again, except them. And that Twin Flames is why they call it the “The Glimpse of Heaven”.

But at this point most of us don’t even know what a Twin Flame is or that we are one. I know I didn’t. I had never even heard of them and although I had heard of Soul Mates I thought they were some silly new age concept.

So we go online, start searching for answers and stumble upon the Twin Flame concept, all of a sudden this makes sense. For most of us this is also when we start to suspect that this could have been a Twin Flame Relationship? If so that makes them a “Runner”.

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QUESTION: “If the Universe wants Twin Flames to be together why do we have to go through this “Runner” stage anyways?”

ANSWER: If the Universe just handed us these Yummy Relationships on a Silver Platter with everything awesome, wonderful and Happily Ever After, with no strings attached, we would probably just lay around luxuriating with our Twin Flames or goofing off somewhere and not get any of our Spiritual Work done.

So the Universe shows us how wonderful it could be (the Glimpse of Heaven) and then they take it away from us. How long this phase lasts depends on how Spiritually advanced we are or make ourselves.

As you probably already know we as Souls are down here on Earth to learn Spiritual Lessons in the School of Life. As Twin Flames we actually signed up for the harder Lessons in this School.

If you aren’t learning your Spiritual Lessons in a willing, progressive manner your Twin Flame Journey may take you on a divergent path for as long as it takes to get you back to your Spiritual Work!

So my best advice is to try very hard to not be rebellious and just grow up and start learning and moving forward towards the Love and Light, because as you will find out the rewards are HUGE and the Union or Re-Union with your Twin Flame is even better than the “Glimpse of Heaven” was.

So Let’s Begin. If your Twin Flame is a “Runner” or just a reluctant Twin Flame please:

  1. Respect their boundaries. If they are silent it is a boundary they have set. If they are not answering your texts wait for at least 3 weeks to a month before contacting them again. Give them the freedom and space to work on their problems in their own time.
  2. Don’t abandon them either. Leave the door to your Heart wide open for them to come back. When they do act as if they were never gone, as if you just saw them yesterday. Resist the urge to question them about it and for heavens sake don’t make the mistake of blasting them or they will be gone again in a flash.
  3. Be humble if you did already blast them or sent them a text that was anything less than Loving. Send a very short apology and don’t expect an answer.
  4. In the meantime become Emotionally stable by sending healing Love and Light to your Ego, your Inner Child and your Inner Adult.
  5. Release any and all negative Emotions, especially Judgement. Replace it with Compassion. Start to see the relationship with Compassion towards them rather than what you can get from the relationship.
  6. Remember if you are feeling anger or resentment towards them they will feel it too and it will repel them. Replace these negative Emotions with pure Unconditional Love.
  7. Learn to have and hold in your heart space Unconditional Love for Yourself, Your Twin Flame and all others including your God and the Universe. It is this Unconditional Love that draws them back to you and makes the Twin Flame relationship work. Love them despite what is going on.
  8. Learn patience. That means to actually embody it for yourself and your entire life. Don’t just fake patience that won’t work, learn to surrender the time line for the relationship over to your Higher Power and go with the Flow. Don’t indulge in worrying, remember worrying is a prayer that you are saying for what you DON’T want. Replace worry with knowing that they will be back as all Twin Flames are meant to be together.
  9. Replace any Pain with Happiness! Why, because our Twins want us to be Happy. Say frequently I AM so Happy and Grateful for the opportunities to learn and grow Spiritually that My Twin Flame has given to me!! Repeat this statement 11 times. It will make you smile and you will be happier.
  10. Ask the Universe to surround you with your Angels and Guides that work with Twin Flames. Call upon them for help and get silent so that you can hear them. They will help you on your Journey. Connect to the Love and Light from the Universe above and ground to Mother Earth many times a day.
  11. Never say another negative word or complain about your Twin Flame to anyone. Instead write a HUGE list of all the wonderful things that you Love about them. Act, think and speak with Love and Compassion about and to Your Twin Flame.

These are only some of the ways that you can Help your Twin Flame “Runner”. There are many more depending on the circumstances.

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I AM Jenifer and You are an Awesome Twin Flame!!

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"Runner" Twin Flame
“Runner” Twin Flame