Hi Twin Flames,

Soul Mates

and other Lovers

I AM Jenifer

Divine Love Alchemist 

For the Masculine and Feminine

I am Jenifer

I am Jenifer

I craft relationships for Twin Flames and other Lovers

that stop running, heartbreak, and pain.

I do this with you by

~ Creating clarity about what you truly desire.

~ Alchemizing your Shadows, into Creative Energy.

~ Submission to the True Divine Masculine/Feminine Energies.

~ Code drops for Love Relationships.

~ My ability to see your Truths.

~ My understanding of Dark Consciousness Love.

~ My Love Alchemy perfected by Coaching Twin Flames since 2015


This happens without manipulation or coercion of any kind

as your integrity is so important in Love.


The new Dark Consciousness is of the lightest light

and has the purest tones that

hold infinite possibilities of Love for you

and multidimensional opportunities.



I have Code Drops of Love for the

Masculine and Feminine.

These code Drops 

are for 2022 and beyond.

These code drops swirl  

Bliss, and Ecstasy around you and your lover’s body.

The frequencies are

Love, Bliss, Ecstasy  

 Euphoria and Enchantment.

This is available for Twin Flames,

Soul Mates, Karmics, all types of Lovers.

Now you can submit to this deeper,

darker more romantic version of Love

that adds an extra dimension of devotion to your sex life.


If you want more than your Journey

has been giving you 

Stay here 

Because those that 


become Super Magnetic to their Lover.


I understand the whole Twin Flame Dynamic

and all the other Love Dynamics. 

I craft unique relationships that bring

you and your beloved into the

pure tones of the Dark consciousness.


My results have been amazing with many

 Twin Flames and other Lovers coming together.

You can read some of their testimonials at the bottom of the page.


I have tremendous insight into what it takes in the 3D

to have deeply satisfying Love Relationships

based on truth and the Magic of 



My Private Sessions on ZOOM are the ultimate blend of

Spiritual and practical information,

and are bespoke for exactly where you are

in your Love Relationship.


Divine Love Alchemy

 Live Stream Video on Zoom, 




Check out these Testimonials from Twin Flames and other Lovers

Hi Jenifer,

I wanted to reach out and give you an update, and also offer a testimonial so you can post on your site/page – all I ask is if you leave me anonymous. I am in constant communication/contact with my TF- he confessed all of his true feelings for me, that he’s known about and really felt our connection since we met 3.5 years ago. Even expressed (and continues) to express the fact that he was in love with me a long time ago. he is currently trying to take action on removing himself from his situation with his karmic and I’ve learned to be at peace about the whole situation, not pressure him and be confident in our connection and focus on positive affirmations.
My meeting with you in May of last year was what gave me the confidence to “take the leap of faith” in following my intuition in getting out of my unhappy situation and following my heart.  Our sessions has provided me with the assurance and confidence to believe in my TF and MYSELF and now we are in constant communication and have even expressed our love for each other. I cannot say enough good things about jenifer and what her sessions have done for me- propelled me in this positive twin flame journey forward. I am forever grateful.

Lifted vibrations

I just got out of my session with Jenifer and I feel so grateful to have had the session with Jenifer. The reason I booked the session was because of the tremendous heart pain I felt because of my twin flame detaching from me and I was so sad and heartbroken. During the session, there is room for spontaneity – when I felt an urge to cry, Jenifer provided that space, also for you to address that pain, so you can learn from it, and swap it from an unwanted perspective to one that helps you in your journey. Jenifer is visually intuitive, so she sees pictures. She was very loving, warm and funny. The whole TF journey can mess up your whole belief system, but Jenifer listens carefully and also provides like, HUMAN advice, because, even though it’s a spiritual journey, we are still humans acting everything out! So she also gives really grounded advice, how to be the feminine in a relationship, and shift you back in your Goddess role. 
We worked on many things, from removing energetic pain to lifting my vibrations. She works alot with your higher self, so be prepared to clear that channel a bit 😉 Jenifer has a systematic approach and takes care of you during the healing coaching session. Will rebook very soon.
Jenny from Netherlands
I had an overwhelming attraction and strong connection with a girl I worked with.   I finally got the courage to ask her out and we dated briefly.  However, she broke up with me unexpectedly and began dating some one else shortly after.  The pain and heartbreak was unbearable.  I was so lucky to find Jenifer who explained to me what was going on, that I was a twin flame and had met my other twin who was the runner.  Jenifer coached me on how to successfully get her back.  I never thought it was possible I’d get back together with my twin but we are now on our 3rd month of dating and very happy.  I’ve learned that being a twin flame is more than a relationship with another person, it is a very special calling from God.  Thank you so much Jenifer for coaching me through this.  You are a blessing!

Brian L. USA

Jenifer and I have been working together for several months, and I am truly grateful for her love and nurturance on my twin flame journey. She has guided me in ways that I never thought possible, and in ways that conventional therapy just cannot. Jenifer has such great wisdom and knowing, and she is truly able to identify core issues and limiting beliefs that serve as obstacles to the twin flame union. In addition, Jenifer graciously makes herself available during crises, offering guidance and intuitive support. Her energy clearings have also been extremely instrumental in supporting both myself and my twin flame.

T.M.- New York, USA


Another Testimonial for You

Working with Jenifer has been amazing!  The communication between my twin flame and me has rapidly improved and we’re feeling closer to one another.  Jenifer’s ability to facilitate healing between my twin flame and me has been powerful and transformative in many ways.  She was able to help me work through our situation and provide suggestions and tools we could use to move our relationship to a deeper level.  She’s a great coach, so knowledgeable and easy to work with. I highly recommend her services!     
J. age 48
California, USA     




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Free E-Book "22 Signs of Twin Flame Love"

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“22 Signs of Twin Flame Love”


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