I AM Jenifer

I AM Jenifer


         Spiritual Love, Romance and Relationship Coaching

          for Men and Women                                        

In a Private Love Coaching Session with Me..

  ~ If You are in a Relationship I will help You figure out what kind, Karmic, Soul Mate or is this Your True Twin Flame Love?

~ If You are single I will help You find the Perfect Love Relationship for You.

~ If You have “Lessons” You need to learn from Your Current or Past Relationships, I will help You learn them quickly and easily.

~ If it’s Time for You to Move On from Your Relationship I will Show You How to do that.

~Or I will Show You How to put the Love and Romance back into Your Relationship and make it Totally Awesome for Both of You!!

 You will leave the Love Coaching Session with a

                                      Crystal Clear Vision of the    



                                             Perfect Love Relationship for You!!

I use My Conventional Skills, My Intuition, Spiritual Skills and Energy Shifting so the Changes and Healing occur much faster and easier than with Conventional Therapy alone.

I work by Live Video on ZOOM, Skype, Messenger or Phone and I also have a limited number of Private in Person Sessions available at my office in Langley B.C. Canada.  

If you are suffering from a Broken Heart I can show You how to get Love back into Your Life, be in control of Your Emotions and how to Dwell in the Emotions of Peace, Love and Joy.

If your Twin Flame is a “runner” I can show you how to avoid or speed up “the Runner” phase and have Your Twin Flame WANT to turn around and “Run” BACK to You.

To see how others have benefited from My Love Coaching Services here is a Testimonial

Jenifer and I have been working together for several months, and I am truly grateful for her love and nurturance on my twin flame journey. She has guided me in ways that I never thought possible, and in ways that conventional therapy just cannot. Jenifer has such great wisdom and knowing, and she is truly able to identify core issues and limiting beliefs that serve as obstacles to the twin flame union. In addition, Jenifer graciously makes herself available during crises, offering guidance and intuitive support. Her energy clearings have also been extremely instrumental in supporting both myself and my twin flame.

T.M.- New York, USA

To Book Your  Private Love Coaching Session

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Another Testimonial for You

Working with Jenifer has been amazing!  The communication between my twin flame and me has rapidly improved and we’re feeling closer to one another.  Jenifer’s ability to facilitate healing between my twin flame and me has been powerful and transformative in many ways.  She was able to help me work through our situation and provide suggestions and tools we could use to move our relationship to a deeper level.  She’s a great coach, so knowledgeable and easy to work with. I highly recommend her services!
J. age 48
California, USA


Twin Flame, Soul Mate, or Karmic

Love and Relationship Coaching 

 Live Video on ZOOM, Skype or Messenger     

Affordable Private Sessions.

Pay by MasterCard, Visa, American Express or PayPal.

You can ask me all of Your Twin Flame, Soul Mate or Karmic Love QUESTIONS and tell me all about Your Love Life.

-I AM a great listener and I AM very easy to talk too about all aspects of Love.

-I am non-judgemental and only here for Your Highest Good.

If Your friends and family don’t understand or don’t want to hear You talk about Your Lover OR Twin Flames anymore just RELAX, I have Comfort, Guidance and Energy Healing for You.

If You are Devastated, Frustrated, Broken Hearted or suffering from Heartache learn how to Fix It NOW!

Now is the time for a Happy Love Life for Twin Flames and Soul Mates and time for Karmic Relationships to come to an end with Ease and Grace.

To Book a Love Coaching Session 

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        I Coach about Love Relationships and how we are currently moving away from the 3D Traditional, Co-dependent type Marriages and Common Law relationships of Old and into the New 5D Love Relationships for 2015 and beyond that are based on Friendship, Unconditional Love, Freedom, Peace, Balance and Equality between Men and Women.

If You would like to know more about “What is a Twin Flame?” Please click here

Twin Flame, Twin Flames, Twin Flame Runners

Twin Flame Runner

Twin Flame, Twin Flames, Twin Flame Runners


If Your Twin Flame is a “runner” I can show You how to avoid or speed up “the Runner” phase and have Your Twin Flame WANT to turn around and “Run” BACK to You.


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 Live Video Streaming, Skype or Messenger

Get the Answers You need about Your Twin Flame OR Soul Mate!   or the HELP YOU NEED to detach from a Karmic Nightmare!!

Now is the time for Twin Flame Love.  

If You are asking “What is a Twin Flame?” Please click here

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If You think You might have met Your Twin Flame but You’re not quite sure?

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Free E-Book "22 Signs of Twin Flame Love"

Free E-Book
“22 Signs of Twin Flame Love”

I AM here for You…

I AM a Spiritual Love and Relationship Coach for Men and Women.

I AM Jenifer and YOU are An Awesome Twin Flame 

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