Raise Your Vibrations For More Twin Flame Love.

Vibrate Love
Vibrate Love

To All Twin Flames Worldwide.

As I write this it’s 2 days before Christmas 2016. A year that some say has been hard for all of us that are Awakening here on Earth. Some say it was a difficult year for Twin Flames, and they will give You examples of these “difficulties” that besieged them in their Twin Flame Journey. Many Twin Flame Coaches and writers are coming out now and saying what a “good” year 2017 is going to be with many Twin Flames set to meet and come into Union. With a little more than a week left of this year I would like to ask all Twin Flames to help make 2016 much more amazing than it has been.

For those that follow my Blogs and Posts you know that I am big on List Writing. The reason why is because when used in a positive way it is a Huge Tool that can help Twin Flames on their Spiritual Path.

For those of you that don’t have a Spiritual Path yet, know that it is the best and fastest way to progress on your Twin Flame Journey.

Actively pursuing your very own Spiritual Path is what will get your Twin Flame spending more time with you in the 3D. Not a new dress, or haircut or getting your nails done, or great sex (twin flame sex is always great anyways), not making them a delicious dinner or buying them a wonderful present or any of the many other things that popular magazines and advertising brainwash you about.

The way to get your Twin Flame is to evolve higher on your Spiritual Path. Why does this work? It works because of Vibration. Our Twin Flames are more attracted to us when our Vibration is high, when we are at a higher Vibration it in turn raises their Vibration, through the energy field that they share with us.

Vibrations have different names and frequencies. Each one of us is responsible for our own Vibration and we can “choose” to be in what ever vibration we want. If you want your Twin Flame to be in Love with You then YOU are going to have to raise your vibration to Love.

If you are going around dwelling in the lower Vibrations like fear, grief, depression, insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, jealousy, worry, revenge, blame, disappointment, pessimism, boredom, despair, heartache, etc. you will not be attractive to your Twin Flame or attracting them Magnetically to YOU. They can get those lower vibrations from almost any other man or women on the planet, at the bar, the mall, watching TV, a restaurant, at work, etc. wherever others congregate and commiserate with each other.

However if you raise your Vibrations up to Contentment, Hopefulness, Optimism, Positive Expectations, Enthusiasm, Passion, Appreciation, Love, Peace, Happiness and Joy. You will then be able to attract them to you simply because you will be in a place and space that is so very attractive to them. In the beginning they may not be able to stay with you in that high Vibration for long periods of time but know that they love it and they will be back.

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So for now as you go about your last week of 2016 please make a HUGE LIST of all the things that you Love about Your Twin Flame and all of the wonderful Twin Flame things that happened to you in this year of our Lord 2016

Peace and Blessings to All. I AM Jenifer and YOU are an Awesome Twin Flame. 

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