Thanks so much again! The group twin flame coaching is fantastic and I highly recommend it because no matter what stage of a relationship you are in, you gain valuable insight into the masculine and feminine energies around us. The information is universal and based on the self. It’s not a bunch of tips and tricks to snag a date. These are tools that will last a lifetime.

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for the lovely very healing and very eye opening session literally literally helping me see and clear the blocks I didn’t even know were there. I am what I would say compared to many people an expert when it comes to Twin Flames and have usually been farther along than the guides I have paid for. All giving me the guidance I need but it was amazing to talk to you and that you are farther along then me but I should have known these things about the blocking  I mean just by me saying there’s a block and that hes not ready for Union that exactly means I’m putting I’m saying there’s a block so they’re therefore there has to be a block. Then the fact that that block was my block I mean just beautiful beautiful beautiful thank you so much you are amazing I love your calm graceful peaceful presence. You are amazing you are My hero lol.

Hi Jenifer, I wanted to reach out and give you an update, and also offer a testimonial so you can post on your site/page – all I ask is if you leave me anonymous. I am in constant communication/contact with my TF- he confessed all of his true feelings for me, that he’s known about and really felt our connection since we met 3.5 years ago. Even expressed (and continues) to express the fact that he was in love with me a long time ago. he is currently trying to take action on removing himself from his situation with his karmic and I’ve learned to be at peace about the whole situation, not pressure him and be confident in our connection and focus on positive affirmations.


My meeting with you in May of last year was what gave me the confidence to \”take the leap of faith\” in following my intuition in getting out of my unhappy situation and following my heart.  Our sessions have provided me with the assurance and confidence to believe in my TF and MYSELF and now we are in constant communication and have even expressed our love for each other. I cannot say enough good things about Jenifer and what her sessions have done for me- propelled me in this positive twin flame journey forward. I am forever grateful.

The 11:11 Meditation for Twin Flames has been the most beneficial on my journey because it has assisted with all my situations, and helps keep me grounded day to day. It can be difficult for me to find large blocks of time to do long deep meditations, but the 11:11 Twin Flame Mediation is fantastic because I can listen when getting ready in the morning or in the car. I can even have it going in the background when doing my crafting and it assists me keeping my vibrations higher. Twin Flame telepathy is a new venture for me, and I’ve found the mediation helps move me into the best heart and headspace to be able to connect with my twin. Melissa

Jenifer, my beautiful jewelry arrived today in a beautiful sparkly box wrapped so nicely with sage and tissue paper! It was beautiful! I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow!🥰💕😍 Thank you very much

Sandra, 2 months ago I had my first session with Jenifer…. since more than 1 week my twin and I are living together again… ! I have learned so much from Jenifer… ❤️ She coached me intensely to heal my old wounds, to release my ego, to correct my ‘bad’ behaviour and to get very important insights in life and in my twin relationship. She is so encouraging, loving and very very patient! (I needed that! I couldn’t do this without her, not even in 2 years! She is a fantastic twin coach and a real goddess! 🤗 I’m so excited for our future now … My twin opens up more to me… there is so much more understanding, mutual love and a lots of fun… 💞 I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for today’s session. Perhaps it was a little bit overwhelming, and I was very aware you were stretching your time for me :), but I knew that if I want to REALLY heal my deepest wounds, I would HAVE TO at least mention the eating disorder. I wish I could I could omit my eating disorder problem in the whole TF journey, but who can I fool? I genuinely think it’s a profound synchronicity I found you (and your website). You are a wonderful lightworker and I can tell you genuinely try to help me. I will for sure book a reading soon – I would love to keep you posted. Thank you again, and I really hope, with all the great loving work you do, the Universe blesses/rewards you hugely. Warm warm hugs

Thank you again, Jenifer, for the time and care you took to help me with my session today. Here is a testimonial for your website: My Twin Flame awakening has been a very sacred and personally all-consuming journey that resulted in my hesitation to trust just anyone with helping guide me through its challenges. Jenifer’s care and concern to provide a meaningful experience was so appreciated. Her vast experience was evident from the moment we started which made the experience both comfortable and very effective, as not a moment was wasted. I am so grateful to have connected with Jenifer, and am happy to finally say that I now trust someone who is knowledgeable on this topic and who truly ‘gets it’ – to understand what I’m going through and who is able to facilitate some true guidance and much needed healing. Thank you. Michelle, Ontario, Canada

I have been working with Jenifer for a couple of months now and her guidance and support on my twin flame journey has been extremely helpful.  She has provided so many ah-ha moments and clarity for me that have allowed for great shifts to occur in a short amount of time.  Her calm and loving approach to this journey is what sets her apart from the other coaches out there.  She comes from such a loving place with her support and knowledge.  She focuses the sessions on the main thing with twin flame journeys…reaching that divine loving state of union.  In addition to that, she has helped me clarify my spiritual mission on this and the minute we came to the conclusion on what it was, I felt chills all over and knew that was it!  I could see the path ahead so clearly and for that I’m so grateful for her insight and intuitive support.  Her energy clearings have also been of great help as I can feel the immediate shift and can also sense the shift in my twin flame as well.  Jenifer is a truly gifted soul who is helping to bring peace, love and joy to those on the twin flame path.  ~ E.M.C. – Boston, USA

Jenifer is amazing, her connection allowed me to uncovered and healed many aspect of my life. During the session, we go over a lot and we clear so much, I feel a lot of amazing results. I m blown away I have been too many healers loaded of ego but not Jenifer we get the work done I m so bless and thankful for Jenifer. Spiritual Healing Therapy’s

Hello Jenifer, Thank you so much for my session on Saturday and all the extra time and care you took in guiding me.  I felt so reassured and supported, and I am excited to move forward. Here is my testimonial for a wonderful experience: My session with Jenifer was beyond amazing. She was compassionate, knowledgeable, caring, and thorough.  I had tried other avenues to get help on my Twin Flame journey, but had only received vague, generalized guidance.  Jenifer analyzed my experience and situation carefully, helping me to understand why things were happening the way they were and what I could do to support my journey.  She counseled me on specific physical and energetic activities I could do to help MY journey.  After my session, I was filled with reassurance and hope and felt charged with love.  Jenifer is a beautiful soul, and I look forward to her continued help on my journey. Amanda Mintier Spirit Medium Fremont, CA

I can’t believe he came back. Thank you for all your help Jenifer! This is such an amazing experience thanks for putting up with me and helping me.  I’m so glad that I bought those skirts. Love this mini skirt. He saw me wearing one (mini skirt) and his eyes lol Thank you I have been humming and singing like crazy…I feel totally happy yes it was totally worth it. Gloria US

I love this clearing.  I really do feel uplifted when I listen to it.  Does it still work if I listen to it with headphones? Thank you for your work in helping twin flames. It’s so needed right now.K.K. Minnesota

I want to thank you again. You gave me a new look on the situation. I feel more compassionate too. Before the session I wanted Raquel to feel the pain I felt when she did what she did to me, but now I just want her to find her twin flame and leave us alone because its the only way I can see us getting rid of her for good. I will pray for that and for a budget so that I can meet with you again. But in the meantime I will send you updates about what’s been happening. I’m feeling more patient and want to get out and do the things I love to do. Hope to hear from you soon.

Jenifer has been quite insightful and knowledgeable in helping me pinpoint some key areas of focus and exercises to uncovering hidden blocks that have been holding me back in this process.  She’s also been very supportive as this journey has been quite a roller coaster of bliss and heartbreak and her empathy is quite welcoming.  I would recommend her to anyone who is also on this journey of looking for or trying to understand higher dimensions of love and light. Rob Ackerley