TLC for Twin Flame Love
TLC for Twin Flame Love


TLC for Twin Flame Love is a very loving action that you can do for both you and your Twin Flame. Even if you are not currently with your Twin Flame you can try these by yourself first with the thought of your Twin being with you soon or even visualize them with you.

WALKING especially in Nature!

TRY: A new park, a walk by a waterfall, a walk on the beach, a river walk, a walk in the forest or even a hike in the mountains. Great exercise for a better body and a great de-stressor, with the added benefit of more TLC for Twin Flame Love.

WATER especially Salt Water!

TRY: Swimming or walking in the Ocean, lake, river, hot springs, hot tub, bath tub or pool. A sea salt bath with essential oils such as Rose oil or Lavender is an awesome way to raise your Vibration,  your mineral content and your TLC for Twin Flame Love.

WRITING especially Journaling!

TRY: Writing about your Twin Flame Journey can be very therapeutic as the simple act of writing things down causes us to see them from a different perspective. Use a favorite Journal or get a new one that speaks to you, find a quiet spot and pour out your heart. Here is where you can write your Huge list of all the things that you love about your Twin Flame. This is a great way to find more love for them and yourself.

WORKING especially on your Twin Flame Mission!

TRY: If you already know or have started your Twin Flame Mission Congratulations! If not think about what you could do that would help Humanity and New Earth and is something that you are passionate about. Something that your Twin Flame would also enjoy and be good at because eventually they will be joining you in this work. This doesn’t have to be a big money making new business but more of an act of Love that you can start working on right now with or without your Twin. This is especially beneficial for those of you that have been or still are working in any of the big companies that are taking advantage of the general population.

I AM available now with Help and Guidance for You!

If you are feeling stuck in your Twin Flame Journey or have no idea what your Twin Flame Mission could be, you can call upon me for a Private Love Coaching Session.

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If you are currently suffering from Heartache I can show you easy ways to shift to Love instead. Remember if you are feeling Heartache that is the Vibration that you are sending to your Twin Flame. Time to change that up to the Love Vibration for greater attraction benefits.

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