Karmic Lovers
Karmic Lovers

Karmic, Soul Mate or Twin Flame?

Is it a Karmic, Soul Mate or Twin Flame Relationship and how to tell the difference?

A wonderful Twin Flame in Germany going through some doubt today messaged me:

Dear Jenifer, I have a Question how can I tell the difference between a Karmic relationship and a Twin Flame? I am still wondering? If you can help me?


We are attracted to a Karmic Relationship because our Soul instinctively knows that we have something to work out with this person.

Our first few Relationships are usually Karmic in nature to help us along on our Love Journey. They will often be filled with fighting, arguing and name calling. Any relationship that is mentally or physically abusive is most likely Karmic. Although some deeply damaged Twin Flames will get caught up in this type of behaviour too.

In the Karmic Relationship we are always struggling to make ourselves and our partner happy but it never happens. We are always fighting about the same thing and we keep coming back to that same block over and over again until one day we wake up and figure out what the lesson is in all of this madness. Once we figure out the “lesson” we are able to move on.


Karmic Lovers

It is said that we are attracted to these partners through our lower three Chakras and that the attraction is physical and sexual from the beginning. A lot of these Relationships unfortunately quickly escalate to pregnancy and a fast marriage. Especially in days gone by. This can result in years of being tied together without Love or freedom for either partner. This also results in many putting their life and their Soul calling on hold until the child grows up. Most Divorces are from Karmic Relationships.

If you feel that you are in a Karmic Relationship, ask yourself “What do I need to learn from this”. Figure out the lesson, learn it and move on. There are loving relationships out there waiting for you once you have learned your Karmic Relationship “lessons”.

If your Karmic Relationship ends and you don’t learn your “lessons” you will most likely end up in another Karmic Relationship with the exact same problems.

Life and especially our Love Lives are a series of learning experiences to move us along the Spiritual Path to Ascension. You are in charge of how long this will take. You don’t have to keep failing in these life “lessons”. With a little time to connect Spiritually, making an effort to study and surrendering to your highest good, you can skip ahead on your Spiritual Path quite easily.

Soul Mate Relationships are the most compatible type of Relationship and will give you the most overall companionship, romance, and feeling of safety especially in the beginning, as the Twin Flame Relationship can be a much more difficult path and fraught with separation and heartache in the early stages.

Although if you do have a Twin Flame incarnated your Soul Mate Relationship will probably not last forever.  And they will not give you that same sense of wholeness and completeness that being in the arms of your Twin Flame can as your Twin Flame is the other half of your Soul.

We can have many Soul Mates and at most times have close to a hundred in close proximity to us. They can be easy to find if we go about it the right way. These relationships are very compatible.

It is perfectly OK if you are feeling overwhelmed by your Twin Flame and need to take a break from your spiritual path for a while to take a Soul Mate Relationship, just be aware that you will still have the same lessons to learn you are just postponing them.

These lessons are most likely Unconditional Love and Self Love.

Twin Flame Relationships come into our lives to guide us to Heaven (ascension). They are even called “the glimpse of Heaven” in the beginning. In this day and age (2016) most of time only one partner feels the intensity of the Relationship especially in the beginning and then when the other one figures it out they most likely get terrified and “run”.

The intensity of the Twin  Flame Relationship brings up what they perceive as “flaws”in their character caused by past life trauma, abusive parents and Karma that they have been subjected to from this life and past lives. It can be overwhelming for them and makes it difficult for them to see how this Relationship could play out to be something wonderful. They may feel that they don’t have enough to give to the relationship. Most times instead of Self Love they have a great deal of Self Criticism caused by an over critical and often controlling parent. They may also have lots of Drama in their lives. Giving them time and space to work this out for themselves is best.

While the Karmic and Soul Mate Relationships are easy to figure out the Twin Flame can give us doubt at times.

Twin Flames
Twin Flames

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