Twin Flames Energy Clearing
Twin Flames Energy Clearing


Twin Flames Energy Clearing is not an entirely new concept.  Energy Clearing has been around for centuries in the Far East and works because of the fact that all energy and everything else in the Universe is always interconnected.

It can be explained and Science has even proven that it works but just like electricity or your car motor rest assured that you don’t need to know all the details in order to enjoy the benefits.

Twin Flames Energy Clearing is becoming very popular now. This is due to how well it works and that Twin Flames have accumulated a lot of blocks through their many incarnations here on earth. These blocks desperately need to be cleared before Twin Flames can come into Twin Flame Union together.

Twin Flames Energy Clearing is convenient because it can be used across long distances and through modern modalities such as Cell phone, Skype, Messenger or other internet visual connections.

You may not resonate with all practitioners that do Twin Flame Energy Clearing though. I know that I had listened to a few of them before I found one that really “shifted” me. But oh boy when I did it was awesome.

It’s like years of traditional therapy being done in minutes.

For me when this happens there is also chills, heat, tingling in different parts of the body, a profound sense of calmness or energy, or a feeling like waves of cold coming from the floor up my body and clearing off the top of my head, or a warm breeze of energy fluttering sideways around or across me, sometimes it can induce a trance like state for a few minutes or more. Some people feel nothing but the energy is working all the same.

Somethings cleared by Twin Flame Energy Clearing are instant and others work over time.

Let me explain what I mean by “shifted”. It’s like your perception changes in a matter of moments, one moment you think like you always have and the next moment you are coming from a different space.

The Veil has been lifted from your eyes. Your limiting belief has changed for the better! Your Vibration has been raised also because you are dropping all of that lower dense energy.

This of course makes what you want to happen in your life and future life manifest so much easier. You are essentially getting out of your own way.

These changes can also resonate through your entire Soul Group. I have seen and felt an entire Soul Group of Males being held in shackles and chains from a previous life time. I felt very humble and at the same time very useful when I cleared this particular block that was in my own Twin Flame Relationship.

I was working with a successful woman from the US for her first Session, a few days ago. We were doing Energy Clearing and all of a sudden she started talking about an incident that has been subconsciously blocking her since grade 11. I think it shocked her that she was able to remember it, talk about it and the effect that it had for the better when she did.

I don’t remember her exact words but it was something like this “oh my god! years of therapy and I can’t believe that this has never come up before”. In a matter of minutes, we were able to sort out what hadn’t even come up in years of conventional therapy.

The circumstances of what had happened all those years ago were repeating themselves in her Twin Flame Relationship now and making it difficult for her to want to be in Union with her Twin.

We cleared this for her and it will start to make a huge difference in her Twin Flame Love Relationship.

 I love my job so much because awesome things like this happen all the time when I AM doing Energy Clearing for clients. It happens so much that I feel very rewarded and blessed to be able to do this kind of work for others.

I like to keep my fees as low as possible so that all of you are able to receive the benefits of Twin Flame Energy Clearing.

For those of you that are not able to afford Private Twin Flame Love Coaching I have created a Video “Energy Clearing for Twin Flames” and I have priced it at only $11.11 Canadian making it very affordable for all Twin Flames worldwide.



As a Twin Flame you may have some or all of the Blocks that are on the Video standing in the way of coming together in Union with your Twin Flame. It is surprising how many of the blocks are the same for all of us Twins.

If you have a unique block that is not mentioned on the Video you can just customize the Video as it is playing by thinking, feeling or speaking a brief description of your unique block!

You can watch or just listen to the Twin Flames Energy Clearing Video many times and the results will go deeper and get stronger for you every time you do.

I AM Jenifer and You are an awesome Twin Flame Love.

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Twin Flames Energy Healing
Twin Flames Energy Hea

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