Self Love Tips Twin Flames

Self Love Twin Flames


WHAT is Sizzling Self Love? HOW do we get it?

WHY does it make us irresistible too our Twin Flames?

 Sizzling Self Love is

~ Knowing that we are a Divine God or Goddess just the way we are.

~ It is being able to have and hold Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Compassion for ourselves and all others in our Heart Space.

~It is the opposite of co-dependency.

~ It is not about having a big Ego, or a sense of entitlement in life or arrogance or an inability to see our faults. But rather the ability to realise that we are perfect just as we are with said faults and to have the motivation to improve ourselves.

How do we get sizzling self Love?

Take these Steps now:

-Set an intention to start the most magnificent Love affair of all time right now with someone that will always be by your side, someone that will never leave you, yourself!!

Embody your Divine God or Goddess by becoming more Masculine or Feminine as need be to balance your Alpha and Omega energies.

-Make better food choices such as Organic and eat more vegetables and greens, drink more water, detox, exercise, have Sea salt baths, take long walks in Nature, connect and ground to Mother Earth, swim in the river, lake or ocean. Your body is your temple and the home of your Soul while on Earth, please treat it with respect and give it the tender loving care that it deserves.

-Learn to connect to the Universal Love and Light get in your Heart Space and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. This is very powerful. You can experience the same awesome feelings of Love that you feel when you are with your Twin Flame by doing this. It is also an almost instant cure for Broken Hearts or Heartache.

(If you would like help to learn this technique book a Twin Flame Love Coaching Session with me.)


  -Monitor your Self Talk to make sure that you are speaking to yourself in a Loving, nurturing, encouraging way.

-Take yourself on your Dream Date or just get out anywhere you feel comfortable. Dress up and enjoy!

Sizzling Self Love

Sizzling Self Love

-Use Essential Oils. Lemon essential oil vibrates at the frequency of Joy use it in your home, Rose vibrates at the frequency of Love use it on yourself and try Lavender in your Sea salt baths for relaxation.

-Do something that you love and are good at. Start a new hobby or get back into an old one that you love.

-Make Sacred Space for Yourself. De-clutter your house. Re-decorate your space with plants, crystals, flowers, Angels and candles. To see the Twin Flame Love Attraction Candles with Organic Rose Petals



-Do your Spiritual Growth work by having Gratitude for all that you have and all that you are doing for yourself.

-Use sticky notes, the alarm on your phone or paint yourself pictures as reminders of some or all of these new habits that you are developing now.

-Find others that have the same interests as you either close by or online and reach out to them. We all need Love and support.


WHY does all of the above make us irresistible

                          too our Twin Flames?


Irresistible to our Twin Flames

Irresistible to our Twin Flame


By raising our confidence, happiness, health and supporting ourselves both physically and emotionally with sizzling self Love, we have raised our Vibration up to the frequency of Twin Flame Love.

We are now able to relate and be felt by our Twin Flame as the God or Goddess that we truly are. We are irresistible to our Twin Flame. We no longer give off the Vibe of needy, clinging, depressed, self centered or un-lovable. Instead our Hearts have filled with Love and Joy. Our Hearts are so full of Love that Love splashes out of us as we go about our day attracting our Twin Flames to us like magnets. We have removed a huge Burden from our relationship that was repelling them and blocking the path to Love and Twin Flame Union with them.

We can now relate to each other from the Twin Flame relationship basis of Friendship, Unconditional Love, Freedom, Peace, Balance and Equality between Men and Women.

I AM so Happy and Grateful that you are here reading my blog.

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I AM Jenifer and You are an Awesome Twin Flame!!


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