Love and Happiness In The Arms Of Your Twin Flame
Love and Happiness In The Arms Of Your Twin Flame

Love and Happiness In The Arms of Your Twin Flame!!

I was going to call this How to be a good Twin Flame. Then as I was writing it I realized that if you are a good Twin Flame you will be Happy and in Love.

We all want that!!

In my Mission as a Spiritual Love Coach for Twin Flames and Soul Mates I see a lot of very unhappy Twin Flames trying to get their 3D relationship needs met.

 Some are even in heart break and heart ache all the time. Tears and crying are just part of their life along with sorrow and grief. They have become used to this low level of Emotion and Vibration and seem to want to wallow around thinking, talking, regressing and living in it. For some this goes on many years. They tell their sad love story over and over and even post it on Twin Flame Social Media groups for all the other Members to read.

Posting that their Twin doesn’t want them, how it is over and they will NEVER be with their Twin Flame. (Never is a pretty long time!!) Diving deep into their sorrow and heartache and expressing it so that others will understand all the pain they are going through. Many others commiserate with them.

Lots of the readers offer advice to their Post. Approximately 72% of the advice offered will lead the original poster down the path into more heart ache, 18% of the advice is of an unrealistic approach for a Twin Flame relationship as it is of a 3D nature and about 10% of the advice is good and will help them IF they  follow it. I have also noticed that the 10% good advice Comments are usually the ones that get few Like’s or Reply’s.

Recognise that every time you speak, think, feel or put your attention on the negative parts of your Twin Flame relationship or anything else you are telling the Universe “this is what I want more of, bring it on!”.

When you post the negatives about your love life on Social Media and it is read by ten people you are magnifying into your life what you don’t want X ten … when 100 people read your negative crap, THAT’S RIGHT, you have just manifested 100 time more negative crap into your Twin Flame relationship. Let that sink in for a moment.

This journey is not about getting your 3D relationship NEEDS met. It is not about what your Twin Flame is “doing” to you. It is about how you react to what they are “doing” to you.

The Universe will keep your Twin Flame “doing” these things to you (called Triggers) until you recognise the lesson in that Trigger and react correctly with Unconditional Love and Compassion (these are called Virtues).

Virtues are valuable tools to have in life, especially if you are a Twin Flame or want to be someone that others Love.

It is not necessary to wait to be painfully triggered to earn a Virtue. Anyone can earn a Virtue any time that they have the learning of the lesson and have embodied the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual knowledge that Virtue holds.

So it is not about what your twin flame is “doing to you” and how much pain you are in because of what they have “done to you”.

Blaming them is not productive to what you want.

Learning to grow up and stop blaming your Twin or anyone for what you have manifesting into your life, will help you to get what you are seeking in life. What all of us Twin Flames are seeking…..

Your Divine Right
Your Divine Right

 Love and Happiness In The Arms Of Your Twin Flame.

Triggers are a warning sign for us and the pain of the trigger is not to be dwelt in. Triggers are presented to all of us because we have not learned our Virtues yet or cleared our Blocks. Triggers are what we want to FIX about ourselves so we can be in a loving 5D relationship that is not co-dependent.

It is your Divine right to be with your Twin Flame when you are READY!!  Only one of the Twins needs to be ready. Only one needs to be enlightened.

Being ready means that you are in Unconditional Love for everyone! Especially yourself and your Twin Flame. When you are truly able to Love your Twin Flame Unconditionally you will not be blaming, shaming, or complaining about them ever again. As you will Love them faults and all.

Famous Quote:

I realized that You were Perfect and I loved YOU

Then I realized that You were not Perfect and I loved YOU even more.

Does that mean that you must like what they are doing? Of course not! But you are in Compassion for what they are going through in their life. You are so full of Unconditional Self Love that what they are “doing” can’t hurt you in any way. You only feel Love and Compassion for them. Thus, raising your Vibration very high and then by extension your Twin Flame’s Vibration.

As a Spiritual Love Coach for Twin Flames I can clear triggers and blocks that may be keeping you and your Twin Flame apart. I also teach you how to clear triggers for yourself. I have love and relationship skills for you from both 3D, 5D and beyond.

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Twin Flame Love Coaching

I AM Jenifer and YOU are an awesome Twin Flame Love !!

Talk soon Twin Flame!!


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