Yes, you can use the power of Crystals for Twin Flame Love attraction. Now I know some of you may have tried using Crystals before with mixed results. There can be many reasons for this but the main reason people get mixed results are the Crystals that they used were “Dead”. That’s right Crystals, similar to a Cell phone won’t work unless they are “Charged Up”. Not only that but similar to your computer getting a “Virus” Crystals can and do pick up negative energy that needs to be ‘Cleared’. Weather you buy your Crystals from a store or online unless they specifically state that they have been “Cleansed, Cleared, Blessed and Charged” and they are in some kind of protective packaging they are not in a Pure state and are contaminated by everyone that has touched them. This will greatly diminish their Crystal “Energy”.

For those of you that already have your own Crystals, No Worries! You can still use them and receive the same benefits from them that I AM going to let you know about. You will just need to “Cleanse, Clear, Bless and Charge” them.

Read on to find out what Crystals can help you fulfill your Mission, provide comfort if your Twin Flame is not around, reunite Twin Flames that are arguing, make you more attractive to your Twin Flame and many more benefits for you and your Twin Flame Love! Because as many of you already know the Twin Flame Journey can be fraught with problems and setbacks and we can use all the HELP that we can get from the Universe. Crystals are truly Universal Energy.

All of the following Crystals have many benefits but I will just list the specific Twin Flames benefits.

MOONSTONE- To increase and keep the passion or if you have argued with your Twin Flame give them a Moonstone on the night of the full moon.

LEOPARD SKIN JASPER- Place it beside your bed or under your pillow for comfort if your Twin Flame is not near.

BLACK TOURMALINE- Acts as a psychic shield deflecting negative energies, entities and destructive forces that try and keep Twin Flames apart.

AQUAMARINE- A valuable Crystal for Twin Flames as it reminds us that the Soul must evolve along the pathway it laid down for itself prior to incarnation.

RHODONITE- Is a great Crystal for Twin Flames because it balances our Alpha and Omega energies aiding us in achieving Tantric Union and our highest potential.

BLACK ONYX- This is a Crystal that helps you become the Master of your Twin Flame Destiny.

BLACK OBSIDIAN- Is an essential Crystal for Twin Flames as it heals the Soul in this life and past lives, paving the way for us to have Unconditional Love.

RHODOCHROSITE- Attracts Twin Flame Love and is tuned to the frequency of Love and Forgiveness.

AMETHYST- Is a valuable Crystal for Twin Flames as it helps us to fulfill our Mission here on Earth and guards against psychic attack.

PERIDOT- Good for Twin Flames as it helps you to understand your destiny and spiritual purpose here on Earth.

MAGNETITE- Temporarily aligns our Chakras and connects us to the energy of the Earth so that we can work on our Twin Flame Mission.

CORAL QUARTS- Pulses with the energy of pure Unconditional Love making it the perfect Crystal for Twin Flames.

CLEAR QUARTZ- Honors Mother Earth and Kundalini as such it is an excellent Crystal for Twin Flames.

SUNSTONE- Twin Flames can use this Crystal to stimulate their personal power of attraction.

WATERMELON TOURMALINE- Promotes Love, Spirituality, Joy, Peace and understanding of the Twin Flame Journey.

GREEN ADVENTURINE- Increases Twin Flames empathy for others and brings you closer to your Spirit Guides.

ROSE QUARTZ- Use it to call in Twin Flame Love and strengthen Love relationships of all kinds. It inspires the Love of Beauty in yourself and your Twin Flame.

CITRINE- Useful for all aspects of Twin Flame Love and helps us to enjoy and move forward optimistically on our Twin Flame Journey.

BLUE LACE AGATE- Helps Twin Flames to accept Love as it intensifies Love and can eliminate resentment and bitterness.

RUBY IN FUCHSITE- Perfect Twin Flame Crystal as it strengthens our Spiritual connections, “thinning the veil” between the 3D reality that we are living in and the 5D we are NOW ascending too. It helps you to keep your individuality and self-worth and aids you to overcome co-dependency. A very positive energizing Crystal believed to assist in meeting your Twin Flame or Soul Mate.

GARNET- Wearing this Crystal makes you more attractive to your Twin Flame Love.

CARNELIAN- Helpful for Twin Flames as it alleviates jealousy and possessiveness in relationships.

CHEVRON AMETHYST- Known as the best third eye stimulator and helps you find a positive answer to your problems.

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