Twin Flame Magic

Have you ever been laying on your bed, crying?

Curled up in the fetal position.


H-O-U-R-S ? ?

Have you ever wished that you had something magical at your disposal that you could use in your Love life?

Something that would let that one Lover that you desire so much, just KNOW that you are “the one for them?”

There are many Spiritual influences that can assist the Divine Masculine and Feminine in an energetic way to communicate and bond deeply with each other.

The Spiritual influence of Allure is a deeply mystical aspect of Femininity. Allure can be utilized by the Feminine to create for herself a frequency that emanates, mesmerizes, magnetizes, and influences Divine Masculine’s all around her, especially that one Lover that you desire so deeply.

It is not an external beauty but rather a part of the Divine Feminine’s energy signature that is soothing to the Masculine. Seducing him in mind, body, heart, and soul in a very good way. At the same time, it allows the Feminine to feel cherished in her body.

This is not manipulation or coercion of any kind; it is a natural spiritual energy that could more accurately be thought of as a lost Feminine Art.

Divine Love is both new and ancient at the same time.

This is something that I can teach you in a private 1:1 session.

I will lay some of the foundations here for you to ponder at your leisure.


But you have no leisure you say.

You are always busy DOING you cry.

And that is the trade-off that you are making.

Because in the current reality most Feminines are busy doing and are presenting as  Masculine and rarely have time for just BEING.

Being is the key first step to Femininity and Allure.

Allure CAN NOT occupy the same space energetically as DOING, as BUSY, as OVER GIVING of self.

Allure is cultivated in the space of ease and grace that the Feminine needs to set aside for herself. To rest, to feel, to experience her emotions.

As one of my mentors says Feminines that are willing to be vulnerable by letting themselves experience and be seen in their Feminine Allure are like precious treasure for the Divine Masculine!

© 2022 by I AM Jenifer, My Twin Flame