Twin Flame Love Vibration and The Divine Masculine

Twin Flame Love Vibration and The Divine Masculine

Twin Flame Love Vibration and The Divine Masculine

There are three key phrases that you can use to bring your Divine Masculine into the Twin Flame Love Vibration. These phrases will also boost his Testosterone, Confidence and his Adoration of You.

When Your Twin Flame Divine Masculine is talking allow yourself to lean back into your Divine Feminine Energies of creation. Creating a space of Love and Acceptance for him to speak.

Then really listen to him. Don’t just wait for him to finish talking so you can say what it is that you are impatiently wanting to say, usually to one-up him, as that is not feminine energy and will not leave you feeling loved.

Practise the art of really listening to your Divine Masculine as a way to understand him, as this will increase intimacy between you and him.

Allow for long pauses in his conversation while you sit quietly digesting what he has already said because he has more to say. He is testing the waters with his pauses, to see if it is safe for him to continue. To make sure that you are not going to re-act negatively or jump in to tell your own story.

When You feel that he is ready to continue gently say to him “tell me more”.

When he is finished talking or in his pauses you can softly interject these key words that allow him to see, feel and know that You are his Divine Feminine.

However, don’t use these frivolously.

The Three Key Phrases are

“That Makes Sense”

“Good Idea”

“You’re Right”

You can actually repeat them and as you do watch Your Divine Masculine’s chest puff out.

This is his testosterone amping up. You want this.

Repeat them in a way such as this….

“That makes sense, good idea wow that really makes sense!”

“Good idea, really good idea and that makes sense, you’re so right”

“You’re right, you are absolutely right and I luv that idea”

“You’re right, you’re right and that’s a good idea”

Then lean back and go into listening mode again. If he doesn’t continue remember to gently say “tell me more” or “is there more?”

Now before you jump to conclusions or be quick to judge that this will be about his Ego, open your mind to accept that this is his Masculine being accepted by you and that this will allow him to be in touch with his emotions at the same time.

In essence you are telling him by your listening and actions that you accept him, you love him, you allow him to have an opinion and a voice even if it is different than yours.

Remember that Unconditional Love is a Huge part of being a Twin Flame Goddess.

By allowing our Divine Masculine to be masculine we are connecting him to the Twin Flame Love Vibration with our unconditional Love of him.

As our Twin is our Mirror he will mirror that Unconditional Love back to You.

When he does you will feel more Twin Flame Love Vibrations from him and you will also feel the Masculine Energies of Grounding, Protection and Support.

If You are open to allowing and receiving from him.

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