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For those of you that aren’t familiar with my work yet, I am a Dedicated Researcher, a Spiritual Seeker of Truth for the Twin Flame Love Collective and a Twin Flame Love Coach for the Platinum Age.

And as such I have been honored to Interview Piper Willoughby about her new book titled


                            a divine love journey”

Piper Willoughby is an ordinary human, whose journey of self-discovery has led her through a great transformation, allowing her to connect with the very essence of who she is, and letting her light shine brightly in the universe. As an intensely private person, she has adopted a pen name, which lends her an elemental fluidity within the twin flame community


Jenifer – So, thank you Piper for allowing me this interview and a chance to get to know the Divine Feminine Twin Flame behind the pen name Piper Willoughby

Perhaps you could start off with sharing with us what it was that you were wanting to get across to the audience in this interview

Piper – so I did want to say that the book to me represents the work that it really does take to get thru the process of letting go the awakening process surrendering and finding inner love self love and how to deal with all the issues involved.

The book represents what in my opinion so many people try and bypass, the work that so many people think they have done but then they sort of wonder why they are not manifesting their desires. Why they still don’t feel whole in their lives and are still in that longing loop.

  Annie’s process was brutal for her and I think that the book shows honestly how difficult the process can be without any spiritual bypassing. If that makes sense?

Jenifer – Yes it does

Piper – I see a lot of people that think they have done their stuff and then they still have so many issues. Well I mean I still have issues. I am facing my fear right now about being interviewed.

Jenifer – Well being a twin flame and going thru the process I don’t think there is an ending, because our entire mission is to bring this out to the world so now your next step is going thru the fear of interviews.

Piper– That book pretty much wrote me I had no intention of writing a book. I was never a writer prior to this and now there is a sequel to it.

 Jenifer – At what point in your journey did it become obvious that you needed to write the book?

Piper – I don’t know that it was obvious that I needed to write, the process more went like this I was clearing and purging a lot of my own stuff and when I started the writing was cathartic for me.

Because I could dig deeper into my issues. It was 4 ½ years into the journey that I really felt that other twins needed a good honest view of the process

Jenifer – OK

Piper– but I still wasn’t really sure that I was writing a book and then one day this title pops into my head and I thought oh that would be a cool title for a book. Then I couldn’t stop writing I couldn’t not do it. I would be up at 2 in the morning and I was writing. And it just started like that.

Jenifer– now Piper you said that you thought that others on the journey needed to know more about the process, how were you connecting to others on the journey? Were you on social media, were you on Facebook?

Piper– I was on a lot of social media sites, yeah and Facebook groups.

My twin and I reconnected 5 years ago last month and that’s probably when I joined my first Facebook twin flame group and there weren’t nearly as many as there are now. About 2 years ago I just quit all of them until now when I am back on as Piper Willoughby with quotes and things.

My connection was with a lot of twins in other groups early on. What I am beginning to realise now as I am connecting to these new people that are joining these new groups so quickly where as before it was smaller groups, that whether or not they are true twin flames they are having a twin flame experience and I think that’s because as twins we have brought that down here. We have been able to elevate that love vibration and now more and more people are being able to have that experience.

Jenifer– it’s awesome, isn’t it?

Piper – its awesome.

Jenifer – You mentioned a sequel?

Piper – Yes there is going to be a sequel.  Not sure about a movie yet.

Jenifer – You never know

Piper – The book has only been on the market for a couple of months. And now having to be on social media doing my stuff its like where is my time to write? I have to finish this other book which I wrote almost back to back the first one.

Jenifer – OH

Piper – I finished that first one and then like OMG I’m writing another book I can’t believe it!

 It is a little bit different of a format and basically it is going to be done thru text messaging and then at the back thoughts on the journey.

 Do you mind if I ask if you are reading the book?

Jenifer – I am reading it I am at March. I only got the book on Friday. I just didn’t have time yet. It’s a busy life being a twin flame coach and doing social media.

Piper – I am finding it’s a busy life being a writer and social media. A few years into my awakening I became a Certified Coach and I started doing some Twin Flame coaching, but I didn’t know enough about protecting my own energy then and people came to me with so much pain after an hour I would be exhausted and then boom the next person and its hitting me again and its just like taking on all their feelings and I was like I can’t do this its hard work. Kudos to you guys. I am better at it now but its not an easy thing that you are doing.

Jenifer-laughing as I hold up my big black tourmaline crystal that I use for protection and show it to Piper.

I know what you are saying. It can be very much like that.

Piper – I am happy to meet someone that looks like she might be in the same age as me

Jenifer – well we are coming around we are first wavers. That’s what we are called. My sister is starting to emerge too, and my youngest daughter just had a huge spiritual awakening.

Piper– yes that’s cool

Jenifer – especially as I am clearing family lineage.

One of my other questions is did you have to edit out a lot of the book for your publisher.

Piper – no I self published. I was looking for an editor who would recommend where I could chop some stuff.

Jenifer – REALLY?

Piper– I actually had the book published and it was on the market Amazon, this was last fall. When I got the actual copy in my hands and I read it I was like OMG I am not going to be happy if I leave it like this. You know its different when you read it on paper then when you actually get the book in your hands. At the back of the book its obvious that I have had more practise writing and I think that more channeling is coming thru me, so I pulled it and resubmitted it and that was a long process and it cost me some money, but it’s a work of art. Now I have 2 editors. I am a painter and that is less daunting, people have an opinion I like it, I don’t like it, but I feel like more of my Soul is exposed in writing.

Jenifer– Exactly especially being on the spiritual journey and the book being about that. It’s not just you, you are exposing your inner most soul.

Piper– I found with the older twin flame community that has been around on Facebook for a very long time, many of these women have become friends of mine and I have done things with them socially, we have met up in cities and several of them without saying it directly me and some saying it directly to me, that I am not standing in my authentic truth if I am using a pen name. And that was a little bit of a hard thing to get around because I had to give it months and months of thought actually and I know that I am standing in my truth by protecting my family and my X who is a very good friend and even if he wasn’t a very good friend, there is no way that he can pick up that book and have it not be misconstrued as romantic. There are romantic parts to it, there certainly was that element in the attachment, I mean its based on a true story.

Jenifer – By using a pen name it shows that you are not in your ego you’re more into protecting those around you that you love, family.

Piper – that’s nice I like how you put it that way. Part of its to was over the flack of the term twin flame and its overused. One of my kids when she was in high school, she said twin flame that’s someone that you marry. She had watched a movie that the wedding invitation actually said twin flames on it.

The popularization of the term also made me want to keep myself pretty private. Because I don’t want any accusations over that term because it’s the common term that we use but we don’t have a common definition of it right so there are many levels to it and I think some of us are authentic twin flames.

Jenifer – yes there are many levels to it.

Piper – and I know that I am an authentic one and I can’t believe that I asked for this path. I don’t know if I would wish it on my worst enemy its very challenging and rewarding and beautiful and blissful and amazing and the transformations that you can go thru and the growth and I mean the Self love and it all for me comes back to that and I think you know our twins open our hearts and we will change for them ,it gives us a means to start that process before we are able to turn it back into ourselves.

Jenifer – yes it does. It really does. It gives us that vision in the beginning of how strong love can be.

Piper – right and my passion in life was just completely reignited. Like it was when Annie was with Alex 25 years earlier.

My twin actually chose his name for the book.

Jenifer – oh really that’s nice I like that.

Do you need to be in a specific room or place to write?

Piper – I need to have my table, this table right here or I need to be at my favorite coffee shop and about 8 months ago I moved again, and I still have my table, but I haven’t found a coffee shop yet. That said though Its more the compiling process for me the editing process. Because I found myself that when the words want to come out, they come out I found myself standing in lines or just parking my car, I’ll go for a walk on the beach for an hour and find myself just sitting down on my phone with my thumbs. A lot of the book came out that way. Also, in meditation when I meditate its right before bed so I get really tired. Like you get so comfortable but then you hear the words and its like OMG I have to get myself up and out of bed again so I started just picking up my phone in bed and doing it or I would say to myself I will remember then of course I wouldn’t. Then sometimes I’d wake up the next morning when I did write it down and I would be like wow I wrote that last night, but I really had no recollection of the stuff that I wrote. So that was pretty cool.

What it felt like to me was I got lost in time. When you are following your passion and I really think its my gift to the twin flame community and I just hope that they all find it because I think it could be very helpful and sure I would like to sell enough books to recover the cost and then some but I am not in it for that I am really in it to just help other people.

Jenifer – well the money aspect of it is important because you put a lot of your work into it and spiritually you need to be rewarded for that. You have put a gift out there for every twin flame in the world to access by putting it on Amazon and that’s your spiritual reward. It values you and helps with your self love too.

Piper – Yes yeah so, I am waiting for that. You know putting money into the book is one thing, the editing and buying your package and everything is one thing but then all of a sudden you have to market it, I make $1.80 a book and I put 15 grand into it already.

Jenifer – I can imagine

Piper – I had no idea it was going to be like that. I’ve got a lot to learn but its been a really cool process though.

Jenifer –So you obviously viewed the writing of this book as a spiritual practise, when I listen to you talk it sounds like a lot of it was channelled or came as downloads because it seemed to come any time that you reached that certain vibration. Am I correct there.

Piper – I will say something else there about the editing after it was channelled every time, I edited it I read it and every time I read it I’d get triggered by it. Because I’m reading about painful issues that haven’t been healed in me yet and that process was also very healing and there were times that I had to step back for that process for weeks but once an issue was out of me it wouldn’t trigger me when I was editing it. So that in itself was a healing journey for me.

Jenifer – Yes, those triggers tend to come in layers and you may find in a few years that you might read it again and be ready to unfold at a deeper layer.

Piper – yeah well, I was hoping you were going to say be an observer. Well occasionally I am there.

Jenifer – and did you have any writers block, like would you schedule a time to sit down and write and then get writers block?

Piper – only once or twice this process came very quickly through me. the book was writing in a matter of months. I had editors block though and I think its because it would bring up issues in me and I would be like dam I can’t think I just couldn’t keep going there. So umm, the thing with the writers block its not so much a block as a not allowing the flow of the energy I can access is really what the block is and the more I am connected to my higher self and in that creative life force energy surging through me then the blocks are just not there don’t exist and I am trying more and more to live every day that way. You know.

Jenifer – its important isn’t it.

Piper – yes, it is.

Jenifer – was there ever a time that you thought you might not finish the book.

Piper – no I just thought when am I going to finish this book? It didn’t occur to me till months later though that the character hadn’t thoroughly been through the process, that she thought she had been through. I think there are different levels like you said there are different layers of letting go, acceptance and surrender.

Jenifer – That’s like what you were talking about in the beginning of the interview that some people think they are at their self love but they are not really and that’s just because it’s just their very first layer coming off. After a while they will see deeper layers and deeper layers.

Piper – I think the whole thing with the self love journey to is that some people may be waking up to the idea that they have a shadow side they have an anger issue and anger is just a shield over top of sadness and regret and things like that. I think that once we get to a level of understanding of how incredible your own love for yourself can be then when you start to look and you still might not be accepting your shadow side though. The point I am trying to make is I find that needing to love that side of me that I don’t like that I don’t approve of, you know the shadow side that little bit of black that is in the white in the yin and yang. Its our human experience and we need to love that part of our self as well.

Jenifer – that’s where the unconditional part comes in and that’s like another layer.

Piper – that’s right and I have had some very complicated issues this past year with some family members and the more fully I am able to embrace that part of me the deeper I can love myself the more I can forgive myself and the more I can accept myself the more I am able to bring that out into the world and be that way with those around me and that’s really cool and that’s when you really understand unity and you understand love and this really is a journey about love.

Jenifer – that’s really very well said.

Piper – I feel your heart and you have a very beautiful smile.

Jenifer – oh thank you. That’s very kind of you.

 How difficult was it for you to find a publisher?

Piper – Super easy because I knew I wanted Balboa press simply because I wanted the affiliation with Hay House.

Jenifer – I do believe this is a life long process, but it gets easier for us because we learn how to change from these triggers quickly.

Piper– I love that question you had on your recent blog “Do you feel like you screwed up your Twin Flame Relationship? “because I have found myself asking that question so many times and then I realised that I can never screw this up. That love is just so pure between the two of us.

Jenifer – I think that the only way we can screw it up is by wallowing in a space where we think we have learned it all. Then its not going to happen. But as long as we keep learning. Sometimes the lessons get really hard to see. Everyone around us is mirroring us this stuff and we are still blindly thinking we are fixed.

Piper – What is your belief about Union? Do you think that ultimate physical Union is a given? Which seems to have been perpetuated in our community as a belief system.

Jenifer – There are two parts to the answer. One is that we have multiple twin flames and the second is Yes with one of them, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the one that we learned all of our work from.

Piper– yeah. As soon as I completely let go not only did my twin make all these major improvements, change his life around and came back, a new energy entered my field. Then 3 days later I met him. The same experience of a twin flame energetically but we are both conscious of it.

Jenifer – Yes because he has some of his healing done and you have got lots.

Piper – But its an amazing thing. I will say this he’s still not my twin because I just saw my twin again after 4 months last weekend and even though I think I have completely accepted and let go completely there is just a different vibration and intensity for me.

Jenifer – How did you celebrate the publishing of your book?

Piper – I gave the first copy to my twin with a personal note in it. Without him there wouldn’t be a story he is my muse. Without him there would be no story to write. The characters in the book are based on us but it’s a novel.

Jenifer – When can your readers expect your next book in print?

Piper – Spring 2019

Jenifer – From all these questions that I have been asking you has it sparked something else you would like to say.

Piper – Well we really talked a lot about the writing process for me as opposed to the issues around being a twin flame. One thing we haven’t touched on is the complexity that it adds to your life because you’ve got this whole life going on around you and you’ve got this whole other life going on with your twin.

That you can’t talk to people about. Its been nice to talk about this process for me because I haven’t really looked at it for me until you asked me those questions. Just this interview may help people realise that you can get to a spot that you do start following your passions because they do just start coming out of you. Maybe even new passions like this was for me. All part of the growth, the journey and our missions. I knew I was here to help other twins because I am a first waver.

Jenifer – What was one of the most surprising things that you learned about yourself while writing the book?

Piper – True happiness really does exist inside here and its OK to be in that spot.

We are so attached to the concept of love and romantic relationship in our society that we can have a difficult time understanding that the twin flame journey is a journey to self love and to union within and the balance of masculine and feminine energy within. Into all encompassing love to others as well.  It took me a very long time to understand that this relationship has nothing to do with romance and it has nothing to do with the standard societal definition of a relationship and that there is a level of depth to it in terms of the resonance and the love and the understanding between us. So, its being redefined.

Jenifer – You have such wonderful loving thoughts.

Piper – Thank you thank you thank you Jenifer.

Jenifer – Thank you and Blessings to you Sister Goddess of Twin Flame Love. You are amazing and what you have done for the Twin flame community giving of yourself and your soul is just absolutely beautiful.

Piper – I am so thrilled that you see that because it’s not about selling books its about getting the word out to the world, for the people who need it.

Jenifer – Its part of our journey to bring this type of relationship out into the open so that people get to understand what having a true love relationship is. You have done a fantastic job of putting your energy out there. As money is an energy and it is a powerful energy for twin flame goddesses to have, I wish you many blessings of many book sales and many twin flames coming into a higher understanding of what the twin flame journey is about and would be twin flames.

Piper – thank you so much Jenifer.

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