Twin Flames Mirror

Twin Flames Mirror



Twin Flames Mirror the Love Vibration. In the beginning Twin Flames mirror the Love Vibration to each other. Your life and especially your love life are a direct reflection of the vibration that you have and hold in your Heart Space for your Twin Flame.

The moment that Twin Flames stop mirroring the Vibration of LOVE is usually the same moment that one or both of you step into the vibration of expectation. Because Expectation is of a lower Vibration you can’t be in the Love vibration at the same time.

This is also the start of a downward spiral out of the companionship that we are seeking with our twin flame lover.

This moment correlates with the first time that they did NOT do, say, think or be what we wanted due to our preconceived Expectations. What we were expecting them to do, say, think or be because we expected the relationship to progress at a certain pace.

Can you relate to this?

This new vibration of EXPECTATION is not a secure feeling for your twin and creates doubt but can be somewhat remedied in the beginning by communication and setting a few boundaries.

If we have Expectations in our relationship that our twin is not meeting, the downward spiral continues into the vibration of DISAPPOINTMENT. You are in disappointment now because you did not get your expectations met.

Your twin now picks up on this new vibration that you are in called disappointment.

Your twin is much more perceptive than you realize, and they feel this disappointment has something to do with them.

If you are the Divine Feminine and you have lowered your vibration due to expectation and now you are in disappointment, your Divine Masculine will not want to be in companionship with you. Because he instinctively recognises you as the one only when he can make you happier.

In the ideal twin flame relationship,

First step is your Divine Feminine or Masculine recognise you as being in a similar vibration of love.

Second the Masculine recognises that when he is with his Divine Feminine her vibration raises to joy (him being able to provide greater happiness for you).

Second the Feminine recognises that when she is with her Divine Masculine his vibration raises because she allows and accepts from him the masculine energies of grounding, protection and support. 

If you are the Divine Masculine with your Vibration now lowered to disappointment your Divine Feminine may try to nurture you out of this disappointment. But the energy of nurturing will do nothing for the relationship, because she instinctively recognises you as the one only when you offer her the Vibrations of grounding, protection and support.

Of course, this can vary due to the prominent inner child wounding and the level of healing that each of you already have.

To reignite the love that you felt in the bubble phase let go of the Expectation of this person being your ideal mate. Instead allow them to just be whoever they are and behave as they want to without prompt from you. Let go of your expectations regarding how they should react to you and what your wishes (expectations) are and how you think they should act or any specific steps to move the relationship forward.

Now I know that some people think twin flames are not even relationship material, but my belief is that Twin Flames can be excellent relationship material if you are ready for the opportunity of learning life lessons so you can apply them to your love life.

What if twin flames were not so much an experience of love lost or gone astray, but were actually a simple perfection of reflection and vibration achieved when we are willing to work on ourselves and in particular drop expectations about our twin?

The more complaints that we have about our twin flame relationship the more blocks we are not realizing about what life lessons we are being shown.

Meditation is the path to being able to have this insight.  When we can easily see in our twin flame, for ourselves blocks about ourselves. So that our own life lessons become visible and available for us to work on and overcome.

By surrendering to the flow of the universe and having gratitude for all the insights brought to us by the universe, we will be in a state of greater peace along our journey. Surrender to our ultimate goal of having this pure love in our lives, by having faith the universe knows the best way to achieve this and knowing this is a shared goal that you have with your twin. This goal is being in a loving, passionate relationship with our life long love partner.

I do believe that we all want that one special life long love partner and to be in a loving passionate relationship with them.

The first step is always Self Love but there are hundreds and thousands of mini steps encompassed in the first step. Our self love is a daily life long process.

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Are we truly wanting this other person that we believe to be our twin flame to show us our lessons in life or are we just wanting them to submit to what we feel is a normal relationship pattern for us? In a sense, not letting them have free will and choice.

If we surrender to the concept that the universe knows the fastest and easiest way to get us there, we will both get what we want a lot sooner.

For some this journey can take many years, but for others it seems to progress a lot quicker.

But the absolute key to being with whoever turns out to be your true twin flame is Love.

If you desire to be in a life long love relationship with your twin flame start by loving yourself 24/7 everyday.

Remember that true Self Love is a daily practise and not just something that you say (oh yeah, I love myself) or (I already have my self love). There is much more to it than that.

The secret to being able to do this is to love yourself unconditionally because Twin Flames mirror the Love Vibration and the Self Love Vibration.

So even thou you may still have to go to work or do something that you don’t want to do allow yourself the caveat of EVEN THOU.

So even thou I have to go to work at this job I am not in alignment with I still love myself. This is similar to an I am statement and there needs to be an action component to it also. Action statement is and I will continue to work on finding my passion and purpose in life so that I can easily and gracefully move into alignment with allowing money to flow to me as I bring my passion and purpose to the world in a manner that is beneficial to many others.

This is only one of the many ways to finding greater self love.

One of the 22 ways to know if a person is your twin flame or not is, “You experience a “Deep and Profound”, Love for them in the depths of your Heart and Soul.

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When you and your twin flame are happily in each others’ arms do you feel this overwhelming sense of love joy and peace in your heart?

Does your entire chest area start to get hot and feel yummy, full of goodness?

I have created a meditation to allow you to experience this for yourself. This meditation is designed to put you in the vibration of twin flame love and by practising this meditation on a regular basis you can allow your heart to feel love for yourself and by extension feel and send love to your twin flame wherever they are. It will allow you to carry the feeling of Pure Love in your Heart Space for longer and longer periods of time. The goal is to be in your Heart Space experiencing love always.

Twin Flames mirror the love and having this matching vibration of love in your heart and your twin flame having the same vibration at the same time is awesome. So the more you are in this vibration the more time you are attracting your twin flame to be with you, magnetizing them to you and you to them. This is only one small part of being in this love vibration 24/7.

This Meditation is personalized for you and your Twin Flame and is available as  part of the recording when you Book a Private Twin Flame Love Coaching session with me. It is personalized with your name and your twin flames name.

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