.The True Definition of Twin Flames.

True Twin Flames are the Highest Spiritual Love Relationship possible between two people.

True Twin Flame Relationships are steeped in Pure Love, Peace, Joy, Companionship, Support, Protection, Adoration, Adventure, Wonder, Awesomeness and Virtues.

All wrapped up in an amazing feeling found in your True Twin Flames arms through the physical act of Sacred Sexual Love making that brings you both closer to Pure Source or God.

This is a lasting feeling, more than an emotion, that is a constant feeling in a True Twin Flame Relationship.

A lot of us have felt this in fleeting moments with our first twin flame and we wanted more of this. Of course, everyone that has ever felt this wants more.

 But it is this difference between having this as a “Constant” in a True Twin Flame Relationship and as a “Fleeting” moment with our first Twin Flame that is important for us to recognise.

The “Fleeting” is the glimpse of the “Constant” that can be available to us, if we do our work.

Now, as a lot of You already know there are New True Twin Flames being brought in for 2018 to replace some of the first twin flames that don’t want to be twin flames anymore.

So, some of us had twin flames that didn’t want to be twin flames and some of us were just confusing our painful relationships with Twin Flame Relationships.

The reason for the confusion is because we all want love so badly that when we think we have found it in any form we will make excuses and try and justify all kinds of inappropriate relationship behaviour to hold on to those precious moments of love that we felt with that one special person.

However we need to recognize that there are so many kinds of relationships that cause us to grasp at straws to rationalize them, in part because we don’t want to lose, we don’t want to give up and we, in many cases have been emotionally manipulated, often times by someone that doesn’t even know they are doing anything wrong or don’t realize they are not being nice in their interactions with us?

 And we are allowing it and making excuses for it.

Why do we do this?

Because we want it to be how it was in the beginning, we think we can get back that wonderful feeling that we had between us, if we just do, be, say, think, try something different or better.

 Then in this doing, being, saying, thinking, trying we lower our vibration and that just pushes us farther away from them and that love vibe that we had with them.

 Pushing us into Heart Break or Heart Ache or just into compromising our boundaries.

What we need to understand is love is a flow and just like the flow of the river we can encourage it to go forward, but we can not re-direct it to go back.

 Back to that moment or many moments in time that we were in the vibration of Love with this special person.

Those moments are gone now and it’s time for you Twin Flame to move on.

Let that anchor in time go, as it is an illusion.

Reach for a Higher Vibration of LOVE.

Be Love, Embody it, wrap that love vibe all around your body and ground it into the earth below your feet.

Breath it in and make it yours.

Your Self Love is your guide and your mirror in all your love relationships.

Here are some of the kinds of relationships that we try and rationalize and mistakenly identify as twin flames.

The more common ones are:

~they are just not that into you,

 ~they are emotionally unavailable,

  ~they are not ready for a commitment,

  ~they are narcissists,

 ~they are Players, etc.

There is also the remote possibility that You Twin Flame have been given “The Love Bite”. If you felt a shudder or a chill when you read that phrase it could be a confirmation for you.

But rest assured if doesn’t really matter if they are your twin flame or not.


Because your path, your purpose and your mission are the same anyways.

Twin Flames Kissing

Twin Flames Kissing

In these more Awakened times a lot of people are resonating with the Twin Flame label, not because they had found their twin but because they are being called to be a Twin Flame.

They are being shown there is a higher more Spiritual type of Love Relationship available for them, if they do their work.

 Now please know that just because you were able to talk to these twins or not twins, in the 5D and you had all these amazing experiences and amazing sex, that doesn’t mean that you were twin flames together.

What it means is that because the vibration of the entire planet is rising, the vibration of all love relationships is rising.

Now most of us will have these more spiritual relationships.

But You are only Twin Flames if you can navigate the entire relationship in Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness.

You are ready to be Twin Flames when you can accept your triggers and have gratitude to the person that showed them to you, then deal with them with compassion, love and understanding knowing that they are there to help you strengthen your relationship.

If you are still in the space of reacting to triggers you are not yet ready to be with your twin flame and Pure Source will keep you in that space until you have got it figured out.

Life and especially our Love Life is just a series of Lessons that we are free to learn at our own pace.

 But learn them we shall because they will just keep being presented to us repeatedly until we do learn them.

When you have learned about 60 % of your lessons you will turn around and your twin flame will be there for you and there will be no running.

You do not need to be at 100% because you only need some of the lessons as your twin will have learned the other lessons.

So, whether you are done with your first twin flame, or your ready for your next twin flame or you still want to try and make it work with your current twin flame, come to my website and check out the Private Twin Flame Love Coaching sessions that are available for YOU.

You can have an amazing Twin Flame Love Relationship this year, no more waiting.

 You can have all the love, adoration, support and protection that you desire in Your Twin Flame.

 But you must make it happen.

Come and see me and we will clear your triggers, raise your vibration, tweak your Self Love system, figure out what your lessons are, clear your blocks and start you on a path that will magnetise Your True Romantic Twin Flame Love to YOU.


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