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There is a Big Myth out there amongst separated Twin Flames and I believe that the basis of this Myth and the way that it has been unknowingly perpetrated has been through Spiritual Practitioners that are not personally walking the Twin Flame path.

I have been hearing about this over and over again, from separated Twins that think it’s the truth because it was told to them by some Spiritual practitioner. I would like to caution all Twin Flames to seek Twin Flame relationship advice only from Twin Flame Coaches.  Spiritual practitioners who are not walking the Twin Flame path although well meaning just are not aware of the connection that Twin Flames have to each other. It is also best not to seek advice from friends or family unless they are in a Twin Flame relationship, otherwise they have no idea what you are going through. I must also caution you not to take traditional relationship advice for your Twin Flame Journey as it doesn’t even apply. Forget all the “Rules” that you have been taught about dating and mating. Twin Flames are above all that because they are a Spiritual experience.

So what is the “Biggest Myth About Twin Flames” felt by some Spiritual practitioners and told to a lot of separated Twin Flames? It is the “Free Will Non-Interference” myth. That’s right a lot of separated Twin Flames will tell you that “they had to let their Twin Flame go” or “they were advised to cut the chords to their Twin so they themselves could progress Spiritually” or “there is nothing that can be done for their Twin” or “we are not allowed to interfere, right?”. WRONG.


What we all have to realize here is that there is a big difference between interfering with others that we are not personally connected to and helping our Twin Flame up the spiritual ladder.

I feel you can and should help your Twin Flame to “Clear” dark energies that are holding them back because you are aware of them and you can!

Just the same as you wouldn’t let a toddler stick their hand on a hot burner helping your Twin Flame to clear obstructions and chains that are imprisoning them and holding back their Spiritual progress is the right thing to do. Remember as the other half of Your Soul they share an Energy field with you and their Soul will allow this. After all the basis of the Twin Flame Mission is to help each other heal and then heal the planet. It is a lot easier to get started on this if you are not letting your Twin Flame run away from you.

Now I know that you are probably thinking you didn’t let them run away, they just did, but think about this for a minute. Everything that you have said, felt or thought about them and their behaviour they have heard, felt or thought on some level because they are your Twin. They are getting the messages energetically from you although it may be a little garbled depending on their Spiritual level. What is the message that you are sending to that long, lost, lovely Twin of yours? Is it something that he/she is going to want to come home too? Or have your words, feelings and thoughts about them been pushing them farther away?

Remember that Twin Flame Relationships are God given and as such carry a Spiritual purpose for you both. I AM finding that the majority of the women have the need to learn patience and compassion as their life lesson. These relationships take time to build and are not usually done on your timetable. They are not about you they are about both of you. Shift your focus now from what you can get out of this relationship to what can you give to this relationship? I bet that some of you will feel a big shift just by reading and thinking about that.

So what can you give to your Twin Flame especially the separated Twin that will have them want to turn around and come back? Notice I said “have them want” not make them. There is a big difference. Beware of the 3D relationship advice that is all about making them do what you want by playing games with them or creating Drama. That is a violation of their “Free Will” for sure!

Try this instead. Give your Twin Flame a change of message. Change the message to Unconditional Love for them. Send them Unconditional Love through your Heart Chakra with no thought of return. No hidden agenda. Just send them Unconditional Love and lots of it for the pure pleasure of giving Love. Let me know what comes up for you. How that makes you feel?

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