I have been working with Jenifer for a couple of months now and her guidance and support on my twin flame journey has been extremely helpful.  She has provided so many ah-ha moments and clarity for me that have allowed for great shifts to occur in a short amount of time.  Her calm and loving approach to this journey is what sets her apart from the other coaches out there.  She comes from such a loving place with her support and knowledge.  She focuses the sessions on the main thing with twin flame journeys…reaching that divine loving state of union.  In addition to that, she has helped me clarify my spiritual mission on this and the minute we came to the conclusion on what it was, I felt chills all over and knew that was it!  I could see the path ahead so clearly and for that I’m so grateful for her insight and intuitive support.  Her energy clearings have also been of great help as I can feel the immediate shift and can also sense the shift in my twin flame as well.  Jenifer is a truly gifted soul who is helping to bring peace, love and joy to those on the twin flame path.  ~ E.M.C. – Boston, USA