Wait, You Are Still a Twin Flame

Wait, You Are Still a Twin Flame



Wait, You Are Still a Twin Flame!!!!

Did you know that You are still a Twin Flame even if You haven’t made it to Union with your Twin or haven’t had any contact with them for months or years now?

Yes, that’s right YOU are a Twin Flame and it’s not going away. Your path or journey is still dependant on You getting to Union. But, with a slightly different person.

What !!!! that doesn’t even make any sense You are probably thinking right now. And no this isn’t about having more than one Twin Flame, although that is a possibility for some Twins.

And You are correct it doesn’t make sense, but then not much about this Twin Flame Journey does or did ever make sense. Right?

Do you know why??

Because we were all brought up in the 3D and have been living our life in a different dimension than those wonderful moments, we were in with our Twin during what we can now recognise as the “bubble phase”.

The part that is gone.

The part that we weren’t able to get back into, at least most of us haven’t.


You see we were given a Gift of Being a Twin Flame and in those moments of the “bubble phase” we were actually vibrating together in the 5-Dimension. But due to our limiting beliefs and experience with Love and Relationships that are for the benefit of both men and women we dropped out of that 5D bubble phase as we started to take control and tried to MAKE that person OUR’S.

As we tried to fit them into our preconceived mold of what we felt they should be, do or have for us as our boy friend/girl friend, lover or wife/husband, etc.

We all did this, both men and women.

It wasn’t wrong, we just didn’t know any better at the time.

Most of us didn’t know at the time this person that was making us feel so awesome was our Twin Flame.

And that getting together with them was something that wasn’t going to happen the same way as conventional love relationships do.

We had no idea. Most of us only knew that it was awesome and that we wanted more of it. Most of us fell deeply in Love and tried to make that work for us the same way that love relationships have been working for centuries.

Then, during the next phase, Separation an interesting thing happened. We found out how grown up we were based on our behaviour and our level of EXPECTATION.

 In other words, how much our inner child was in control of us.

Those of us that were able to walk away with just some hurt feelings and continue on with our life fared so much better than the Twins that went into the blame, shame and back stabbing, the posting on Social Media all the terrible things their Twin had done to them.

If this was you that’s Ok. It is just where you were at the time. Congratulate yourself now for how far you have come since then!!

Because really this journey is all about how far YOU have come.

Your progress, your Spiritual Lessons, your Life Lessons, your Self Love Lessons. That’s mostly what Being a Twin Flame is about.

The Union or having a relationship with your Twin is not the focus or the entire purpose of being a Twin Flame.

Which brings us back to that “slightly different person” I was talking about. The one that you are supposed to be getting to Union with.

That person is YOU.

For Help, Healing and more information on how to get to Union with Yourself and Your Twin Flame come and see me for a Private Love Coaching Session today.

You will be glad you did.





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