Patience Twin Flames
Patience Twin Flames


As Twin Flames life presents us with a series of Spiritual “Lessons” to be learned, patience without expectation is one of the big ones!

In today’s world we push SEND on our cell phones and want an answer NOW. Not only do we want an answer but we have “expectations” about the particular answer that we want.

If we try to go about our lives without learning our Spiritual “Lessons” the Universe will keep making the “Lessons” more and more painful until we at least get a passing grade. 

Some may think of patience as the ability to endure waiting for what they want without complaining or feeling too much discomfort.

True Spiritual patience is much more that. It is the seeking of peace. It is the ability to push SEND while being fully in your heart space and leaving the outcome to a higher power.

Yes, it is Ok and desirable to visualize what you want in your life but as the old Garth Brooks song goes “sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers”. So as you are doing your visualization remember to put in the caveat “this or something better”.

When we come from a space of expecting nothing from others and appreciating everything, life just becomes more Magical and brings us quicker into Twin Flame Union.

Remember that whatever you are giving to yourself is what others will give to you especially your Twin Flame. We are all a reflection of each other.

Here are some great ways to emotionally and physically develop greater patience.

– Drink more clean water.

– Connect to your Heart Space

– Sleep in Peace

– Practice deep breathing

– Eat organic as much as possible

– Learn to enjoy being active, especially strolling.

– Develop a relationship with the Universe, Source Energy, God, etc.

– Send and be open to receive Love especially from your Twin Flame

– Forgive yourself, your Twin Flame and all others

– Be Grateful for all the “Lessons” you have learned from your Twin

–  Find compassion and acceptance with everyone you can

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I AM Jenifer and YOU are an Awesome Twin Flame Love!!