How Do I Get My Twin Flame to Marry Me?
How Do I Get My Twin Flame to Marry Me?


How Do I Get My Twin Flame To Marry Me? is the title of this Blog but the real message here is….

“Get Out of Your Own Way”

Because instead of planning, plotting, scheming, cajoling, threatening, trying to manifest, manipulating, wishing, hoping, or using other 3D tactics …

 Sometimes it’s just nice to Relax and ENJOY the Journey.

The Twin Flame Journey is not a race and it’s not about You having or owning Your Twin Flame in any way. Such as he/she is MINE! or is MY boyfriend/girlfriend! Or MY husband/wife! You don’t have to put a label on it,

        except to say “We are Twin Flames”

and accept that it is going to be different from any previous relationship you or anyone you know has ever had.

Your Twin Flame as the other half of you is what your Journey is 100% about But at the same time it’s also 100% about You. This is not conflicting Math its simply that they are You and You are them. You are a reflection of each other, a mirror image.

How Do I Get My Twin Flame to Marry Me?
How Do I Get My Twin Flame to Marry Me?

Twin Flame Journeys are always more about learning and growing Spiritually. What are You supposed to be doing now? How can You improve all aspects of Your own life?

Show them compassion for everything that they are going through but concentrate on Yourself and Your Own Unconditional Self Love first and foremost. Do not confuse this with Selfishness as it is not the same thing.

It’s always easy to look at our Twin Flame and see their faults, see what they have to do to please us more. So that they fit into our expectations of our PERSONAL model of what a relationship should look like. So if you find that you are doing this turn the mirror around and see where you have even a very small part like that in you. Then you can work on eliminating that from yourself and in turn this will eliminate the same from your Twin Flame.

Energy Clearing works quickly and easily to clear from both Twins, Blocks that are slowing down the progress of your Twin Flame Journey. Only one of the Twins needs to do the Energy Clearing.

You can get my Energy Clearing for Twin Flames Video here CLICK THE LINK BELOW.

At only $11.11 CDN. It is an affordable and highly effective 16-minute Video of Energy Clearing for the most common BLOCKS standing in the way of Twin Flames coming together in Union.

Many of us hold preconceived notions and expectations of what love and Marriage is, that originated in our past lives, from collective consciousness and in this life from our childhood up to now.

If you are finding that you are being disappointed by your Twin Flame it is probably Expectations that you need to deal with. So ask yourself “Where did those Expectations come from? Are they mine or have they been forced on me by society and my 3D social circle?”

If you want to be part of the 5D in regards to your love life especially, you need to be working on yourself. It’s a climb UP the Spiritual ladder for all of us. You can’t retain all of your damaging 3D habits and make that climb. You have to let stuff go.

But don’t let your Twin Flame go. Always keep your Heart open to Loving your Twin Flame Unconditionally. Realise by making changes in your own life you will be helping them make the same changes in their life too.

For those of you that feel

 “you have to let them go because it hurts too much”

know this is a sign that

Huge amounts of Unconditional Self Love are needed.

How Do I Get My Twin Flame to Marry Me?
How Do I Get My Twin Flame to Marry Me?

As an Empowered New Age Man/Woman You should know without a doubt that

if they aren’t in Your Life… it’s THEIR LOSS!!

Contact me for a Private Love Coaching Session that will

  • Remove Blocks standing in the way of Your Twin Flame Union.
  • Raise your Vibration,
  • Amp up Your Unconditional Self Love,
  • Show You how to spend more time in your Heart Space
  •  Allow you to start stepping up into Your own personal God/Goddess Energy.
  • And so much more.




As for “How do I get My Twin Flame to Marry me?”

Spend some time alone, get into your Heart Space and just let everything that You know about Marriage come up. As it does Bless it all; both the good and the bad; with Unconditional Love and let it all go.

Relax, do Your Spiritual work and learn to ENJOY Your Twin Flame Journey.

Then You will also be able to ENJOY Your Twin Flame Union, Your Twin Flame Mission and Your Divine Twin Flame Life.

…because Twin Flames are meant to be together, but it doesn’t always have to mean marriage.

I AM Jenifer and You are an Awesome Twin Flame Love!!