Let’s talk About Self-Love

Self-love-and-the-art-of-letting-goLet’s Talk About Self Love.

You may of already heard about self-love but, were not quite sure what it was or how to do it. The term “self-Love”, refers to how we treat our very best friend, ourselves. Start the most magnificent love affair of all time right now with someone that will always be by your side, someone that will never leave you, YOURSELF. For you can LOVE, Love, Love yourself and you will always get all of that love back. Ok, so now you might be asking “why would I want to love myself?”

Loving yourself will bring you, your Beloved, and the entire planet more benefits than you can possibly imagine. The Earth currently is in short supply of Love and we all need to do our part to change that. Love is a multiplier. When people see or feel Love they get more Love and become more Love. Look at these pictures for the proof of this. oldpeople

So let’s start practicing this with ourselves. Let’s get really good at Loving. In fact lets become experts in Love and Loving. For those of you that might be anything from a little “shy” to downright “afraid” of loving because you got your heart ripped out of your chest in a previous Love affair or a previous life, this works wonders. We start the process with forgiving ourselves and all others for all the little and all the BIG things that are taking up space in your mind. Kick those thoughts out. That is your mind and they have to go. Go ahead, start now. Oh, and once you start don’t stop. Those thoughts and how we speak to ourselves is called our “self-talk” and is a HUGE part of our self-love. If you haven’t already, start to monitor your self-talk now. Don’t allow it to say one more negative word about your lover, your best friend in the whole world, Yourself. From now on be sure to only say nice things to yourself. Now this is a real important part of the practice, if you catch yourself saying anything that isn’t absolutely magnificent in your self-talk, no beating Yourself up. Rather, treat this as an opportunity to practice your “forgiving”. Just say “I AM forgiving myself for saying that” and then spend a few minutes saying nice things about some of your best qualities. When you can easily see the good things about yourself and learn to accept and love the things that you currently think aren’t, you will have what is called Unconditional Self Love. When you can Love yourself, you make it so much easier for others to Love You too. That is the goal.

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