By focusing only on the good parts of your Twin Flame Relationship You can be RICH in Twin Flame Love. Ok, sounds good, but how exactly do we do this?

Whenever you act, speak and think loving thoughts about your Twin Flame and have gratitude for them and all the many Blessings that they bring into your life you will find the Twin Flame Love multiplying. But the opposite is also true, think about the “Bad” you will get more “Bad”.

So as you go about your day remember to think loving thoughts about all the awesome parts of your Twin Flame relationship and at the same time any parts of your relationship that you want to improve upon just change into a positive statement and think of it that way from now on. Really take some time to think about what you want to be, do or change about yourself or the dynamics of your Twin Flame relationship.

Make a long list of all the things that you love about your Twin Flame and read it often. Be truly grateful for your Twin Flame whether you are kissing them right now or haven’t seen them in years. Be grateful that you know love with them, that they are safe and be grateful in advance for the future Twin Flame togetherness and love that you will have with them.

Make sure to extend your gratitude to yourself and your own Unconditional Self Love. If you are still in the process of mastering Unconditional Self Love, just have gratitude for it in advance!

Pull your thoughts and attention out of your head space and start thinking or rather “Intuiting” thru your Heart Space. Spend at least a part of every day there feeling Deep Unconditional Love and Gratitude for your Twin Flame, yourself and your inner Beauty.

While you are in your Heart Space don’t be surprised if your Twin Flame shows up and start talking to you!

You will find that it is easier to Speak to them here, with and through Love. It is OK to let them know what you want your time together to be like. Use only the positive tense and words. Never criticize, condemn or blame them for anything as these are judgements brought about by having expectations of another person. Have only compassion for them if they have been distant from you. If they have been gone act as if you saw them only yesterday because the concept of time is a 3D thing and doesn’t really exist with Twin Flames.

Only visualize perfection between you and Your Twin Flame Love. Strive for a more 5D type of relationship with them based on Friendship, Unconditional Love, Freedom, Peace, Balance and Equality between The Twin Flame Man God and The Twin Flame Goddess Woman. Think Healing, Harmony, Joy, Peace and Happiness for this life, past lives and beyond.

I AM Jenifer and You are an Awesome Twin Flame.

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