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Heart Holes and the Twin Flames Relationship

The Twin Flames Relationship is not a Romantic Love Relationship first and foremost.

It is a Spiritual Growth Experience that has as a Bonus, most of the time a Romantic Love Relationship and Fantastic Love Making.

It is usually something that happens to more Evolved Souls that have incarnated many times.

It is a Spiritual Experience of personal growth designed to bring Twin Flames into harmony and ultimately leading them into Twin Flame Union and Twin Flame Mission.  This is vaguely classified as the Twin Flame Journey, and although it sounds fairly easy, it usually isn’t.

So what exactly is this Spiritual Experience of personal growth and how do I do it? Well there is only one way up the Spiritual Ladder and there are no shortcuts, but the process can be sped up by either one or both of the Twins doing their Spiritual Work.

Right now you might be saying “Ugh. I don’t want to Work on anything, I just want to date, go out, sleep with her/him, have fun, get married, etc..” I know that especially for those of you that are out there at the Country and Western Song Stage of your Journey where You feel that you just need somebody to Love you NOW… I know you don’t what to hear this. I know you just want to bump into your Jerry McGuire or your Julia Roberts and go on your Fairy Tale Honeymoon with or without Walt Disney, but with all of your family and friends and have an Destination Wedding and live happily ever after.

I know you don’t want to hear this but that is not going to happen tomorrow especially if you have met your Twin Flame or you want too.

I know that for myself, I had to hear it a number of times before I finally realized that this time consuming Spiritual growth thing that I didn’t want to do would actually be the shortest way to get the Love I wanted.

Now not all Twin Flame Experts, Coaches or Philosophers agree upon all the details about Twin Flames and the Twin Flame Journey but most would agree that the Spiritual Growth part starts with Unconditional Self Love.

So what is this Unconditional Self Love or Self Love and how do I get it?

As I like to keep things simple I will now describe Self Love as “Plugging the Holes in your own Heart.” And Unconditional Self Love can be described as being able to say “I AM OK” with myself for not knowing that I was supposed to plug those holes and I AM forgiving myself for my past mistakes and any I might make in the future and for not being perfect just being my own unique Self… with a SMILE

Ok so what do I mean by Holes in our heart?? Let me explain.

We all want to be and feel Loved. Right? And in the old 3D way we expected our Romantic partner to come along and fill our Heart up with Love, heaping so much Love into our hearts that we would always know and feel Loved by them. We never thought or even knew about Self Love. We loved them and they Loved us, that’s how it worked, Right?  It was an exchange right? And in days gone by a lot of us had that kind of relationship or something similar. But that type of 3D co-dependant Love can be so exhausting for both people involved because you are both filling each others Hearts up with Love but because of the BIG holes in your hearts it becomes a never ending job. That Love just keeps seeping out the Heart holes and after a while both or one or the other just runs out of Love to keep heaping into the others Heart. That’s when the Drama starts because he/she said they Loved us but because we can’t actually feel that Love accumulating due to the heart holes we create DRAMA which is a very 3D thing. Love can not be proven TO SOMEONE ELSE, we can only have it for ourselves, feel it in our Hearts, show it to others, or give it to someone but not unless we actually have all of OUR own Heart Holes securely plugged up and have also taken the time to fill up our own Hearts with the Infinite supply of Love that is available from the Universe.

Stay tuned for Part Two next week where I will explain how to plug up your own Heart Holes. For those of you who don’t want to wait You can book a Private Love Coaching Session.

Thank you for reading my blog. Please Share. I AM Jenifer and You are an Awesome Twin Flame.

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