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Heart Holes and the Twin Flames Relationship Part Two

In part one of “Heart Holes and the Twin Flame Relationship”

Heart Holes and the Twin Flames Relationship Part One

I described Self Love for Twin Flames as plugging the holes in your own Heart and I went on to describe what usually happens in a 3D relationship when we have Heart Holes.

So what are these Heart Holes and how did we get them?

They are all of the little and big “hurts and wrongs” that we have suffered in our lifetime and some are from past lives too. Please keep in mind that some of the stuff that we are going to gloss over today can literally take years to resolve in 3D conventional therapy although in Energy Healing things shift a lot quicker for most people, usually with in a few sessions.

These “hurts and wrongs” are mostly from our Inner Child and some are pre-conceived notions that we formed growing up if we heard or saw something that we didn’t understand at the time. A lot of Twin Flames had very challenging to downright abusive childhoods (because we chose that for this life time to achieve greater transformation) thus adding lots of “hurts and wrongs to our Inner Child’s woes.

The more Heart Holes we have the harder it is to love ourselves and the harder it is for our Twin Flame to love us too. For those of you that are dealing with a “runner” or even a reluctant Twin Flame you can take the pressure off of them by learning how to love yourself first.

Some of our Heart Holes we will instinctively know about and others we can find from doing a technique that I use to identify and fill Heart Holes. We find and remove our “blocks” to Self Love and Unconditional Love and we fill our Hearts up with so much Love that it just spills out the top of our Hearts as we go about our day happily splashing on others that may need it. Only now as compared to before when the Love was seeping out the Heart Holes and it was a bad thing, this new Unconditional Love that splashes out the top of our Hearts is so good for us, our Twin Flames and all others.

Part of the technique is using I AM Statements. The beauty of using I AM Statements is that they are a very quick and effective method of transformation. When they are combined with Mirror work they can quickly show us what we need to work on. For example try looking in the mirror at your eyes and say “I AM   ( Say Your Name )” for 99% of people this is an easy one. You can say this and hold eye contact with yourself in the mirror. Now try this one “I AM the most Beautiful, Talented, Gifted and Smartest person in the world.” This one will be a little bit harder for most of us, unless we already have a sufficient supply of Unconditional Self Love. Unconditional Self Love is like a step above regular Self Love. With Unconditional Self Love it is like we know that we aren’t all of those things but it doesn’t matter, all is good, we are in the flow, we are more than good enough just as we are and if we really wanted to we could be all of those things and more and on some level out there we already are.

This is not lying or Ego based to be or say this. It comes from the Heart and a knowing that there is an infinite source of Love available in the Heart that we can all tap into.

I AM Statements can be used by anyone to find and fix the Heart Holes that we all have. Call upon me to help you with your Spiritual Twin Flame Love Journey. I AM available to help you transform your un-happy Inner Child into a well loved Inner Child and make your Journey and your life much easier. This in turn will rub off on your Twin Flame as they share an Energy field with you and are a part of your Soul.

I AM Jenifer and You are an Awesome Twin Flame.

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