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♥♥ You Will Get Confirmation and Clarity about who Your Twin Flame is. Send Me a Picture of You and Your Twin Flame! 

♥♥ You Will Get Comfort and Understanding about Your Twin Flame Journey by telling me Your Twin Flame Love Story!

♥♥ You Will Get Your Heart Connected To THE VIBRATION OF LOVE, I will help you do this!

♥♥ You Will Get Triggers and Blocks Cleared bringing You both Closer To Your Twin Flame Union!

♥♥ You Will Get The Steps You Need to Take in the 3D, To Allow Your Twin Flame Journey To Happen!

♥♥ You Will Get The Steps You Need to Take on the 5D Twin Flame Path, this is Your Spiritual Work!

♥♥ You Will Get Confirmation of What Steps still need work for You and exactly how to do that!

♥♥ You Will Get Answers to Your Twin Flame Questions!

♥♥ You Will Get a Recording of Your Session that includes a Personalized Meditation if You chose ZOOM!

♥♥ You Will Get Deeper Healing Every Time You Listen to Your Recording!

You Will Get a Love Coaching Session that is Customized To What You Want and Need Now!


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Testimonials From Other Twin Flames

I had an overwhelming attraction and strong connection with a girl I worked with.   I finally got the courage to ask her out and we dated briefly.  However, she broke up with me unexpectedly and began dating some one else shortly after.  The pain and heartbreak was unbearable.  I was so lucky to find Jenifer who explained to me what was going on, that I was a twin flame and had met my other twin who was the runner.  Jenifer coached me on how to successfully get her back.  I never thought it was possible I’d get back together with my twin but we are now on our 3rd month of dating and very happy.  I’ve learned that being a twin flame is more than a relationship with another person, it is a very special calling from God.  Thank you so much Jenifer for coaching me through this.  You are a blessing!

Brian L, USA


After trying out several TF coaches, I chose Jenifer.  I love working her! Jenifer’s down to earth, judgment-free disposition makes me feel comfortable, safe and able to share my shadow self.  I’ve always feel more grounded after each session with Jenifer. And, my single Inner Child healing session with her did more to remove my abandonment block than 10 years of psychotherapy ever did! Additionally, Jenifer is the only coach I’ve come across that provides you with a video of your sessions together, which you can re-use again and again.  She is the real deal and always has the most up-to-date information on TFs. With her help, I can feel my vibration rising. I know I am getting closer to Union with my TF. Work with Jenifer; you will be very glad you did!


I was in a dire situation when my fiance broke up with me recently. After lots of praying, God lead me to Jenifer. She is truly my earth angel. She gave me guidance, direction and a sense of reassurance that he really is my twin flame. After connecting with her I realized things I personally need to work on to help heal both of us and our relationship as well. We are mirror souls and when I have deep rooted issues it reflects in him and vice versa, but once I heal these pains, this is when the beauty comes to play. After my session I genuinely believe that I am now cultivating a happier and more peaceful relationship with my twin flame. Right now I am taking out the weeds to plant a more fruitful luscious garden in my relationship. If you are wondering whether you should book a session with Jenifer… don’t think too hard and say YES! The universe will thank you. What you give out is what you will get in return, so give love and it will echo back to you! – Anna
                                                                                           Another Testimonial for You
I have been working with Jenifer for a couple of months now and her guidance and support on my twin flame journey has been extremely helpful.  She has provided so many ah-ha moments and clarity for me that have allowed for great shifts to occur in a short amount of time.  Her calm and loving approach to this journey is what sets her apart from the other coaches out there.  She comes from such a loving place with her support and knowledge.  She focuses the sessions on the main thing with twin flame journeys...reaching that divine loving state of union.  In addition to that, she has helped me clarify my spiritual mission on this and the minute we came to the conclusion on what it was, I felt chills all over and knew that was it!  I could see the path ahead so clearly and for that I’m so grateful for her insight and intuitive support.  Her energy clearings have also been of great help as I can feel the immediate shift and can also sense the shift in my twin flame as well.  Jenifer is a truly gifted soul who is helping to bring peace, love and joy to those on the twin flame path.  ~ E.M.C. – Boston, USA


twin flame healing

twin flame healing


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You are on Private Live Stream Video at ZOOM, Skype or Messenger with me and You get to ask me all Your Twin Flame Questions!

I am now available to hear all about Your Twin Flame Journey and give You the Answers, Help and Energy Healing  You NEED

Plus the exact steps needed to get Your Twin Flame Union

I have many Relationship Skills both Conventional (3D) and Spiritual (5D). To have an Awesome Twin Flame experience You need to have Your own Self Love, Your Inner Child Healing, Compassion for Your Twin and Your life more in order.       

 I will show You HOW TO DO THIS.

As You probably already know, Love Relationships of all kinds are not easy these days, especially if You have been using outdated relationship skills that no longer apply in 2016 and beyond.

If we connect on ZOOM Your session will be recorded and I will email You a Link to download it. Then listen to your recording as many times as You want and the healing can go deeper for You every time BRINGING  You closer to Twin Flame Union.

After You book Your Love Coaching Session you will receive email  instructions on how to connect with me for Your Session

Here is a testimonial for you
Connecting with Jenifer is one of the best decisions I’ve made since my twin flame and I have gone into separation.  It has been a bewildering and heartbreaking time for me.  How could something that was working so well move into complete separation and not

speaking in utterly the blink of the eye?  I was was devastated to see he was with a new person and reported to me he had been dating her for awhile.  Again, the questions and fear and doubt spilled over…”was I going crazy?  How could this be? I thought he loved me.  Maybe it was all my imagination”  


Thankfully, God put Jenifer in my path and she was able to help me make sense of the chaos and confusion.  She helped me see that my twin wasn’t “doing” anything to purposely hurt me but only doing what he needed to do to heal his wounds.  And, in fact, had been doing the most loving thing he could for me by leaving; his leaving allowed us to finally break our old 3D co-dependent patterns and allowed me to finally rip the band-aids off my wounds and begin to learn to heal them and love myself.  Her energy healing work has been life saving too. 

After randomly bumping into my twin 4 months after we split, I was devastated to see he was with a new person and reported to me he had been dating her for awhile.  Again, the questions and fear and doubt spilled over…”was I going crazy?  How could this be? I thought he loved me.  Maybe it was all my imaginationwaking up in terrors for weeks and weeks after that encounter with my heart racing and all the fears and doubts threatening to swamp me every morning before I even got up and got my day started.  Which, as I’m sure you can imagine, did not lead to very happy days.  Jenifer helped me see that the reason that I was replaying the scene over and over in my head was because there was something I hadn’t learned from the encounter.  With her help, I had an “a-ha” moment and realized what I had not been seeing during the encounter.  While my 3D world had been rocked to it’s core the moment I saw him with a new woman with messages of “its over, he’s never coming back, he never loved you” running rampant, my 5D senses were screaming with a different message “this is nothing to worry about” and the higher self of the new woman had been trying to connect with me to reassure me she was there only in love and light to assist my twin in his growth.  Once I was able to turn off the noise of the 3D messages and tune into the 5D, I was finally able to find peace.  I know longer wake up replaying that scene over and over in my head and when I think of it now, I do not have any reaction.  Jenifer helped me get to that place.  Thank you for all you’ve done and helped me with so far on my journey Jenifer!

-Jennifer, USA

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