22 Crystals for Twin Flame Love Attraction

22 Crystals for Twin Flame Love Attraction

Did you know there are 22 Crystals for Twin Flame Love Attraction? These Crystals are beneficial for Twin Flames and can help them attract, keep and understand the Twin Flame Love Relationship! As most of you already know the Twin Flame Journey can be fraught with pitfalls and setbacks. Crystals can help you to transcend the lower emotions and raise your Vibration to attract more Twin Flame Love into your life!

Crystals can eliminate a lot of the common Heart Ache or sooth the dreaded Heart Break that many Twin Flames just dwell in indefinitely! Let Mother Earth help you now with the blessed healing energies of Crystals on your Twin Flame Journey.

Here are some of the most useful Crystals for Twin Flames and how they help you! Rose Quartz strengthen Love relationships of all kinds. It inspires the Love of Beauty in yourself and your Twin Flame. While Rose Quartz is used to “Call In Twin Flame Love”,  Rhodochrosite attracts Twin Flame Love. So if you haven’t met your Twin Flame yet make it easier for the both of you by carrying these Crystals on you especially if you are out and about. Ruby in Fuchsite is also a very positive energizing Crystal believed to assist in meeting your Twin Flame or Soul Mate! It strengthens our Spiritual connections, “thinning the veil” between the 3D reality that we are living in and the 5D we are NOW ascending too. It helps you to keep your individuality and self-worth and aids you to overcome co-dependency.

 If you or your Twin has done something that needs forgiving use Rhodochrosite to help you with that. It is tuned to the frequency of Love and Forgiveness. Or if you have argued with your Twin Flame give them a Moonstone on the night of the full moon. Giving your Twin a Moonstone will also increase and keep the passion between you.

Citrine is useful for all aspects of Twin Flame Love and helps us to enjoy and move forward optimistically on our Twin Flame Journey. Understanding your destiny and spiritual purpose here on earth is best done while meditating with Peridot. To stimulate your 3rd Eye and help you find a positive answer to your problems use Chevron Amethyst.

 Blue Lace agate is a lovely crystal that helps Twin Flames to accept Love as it intensifies Love and can eliminate resentment and bitterness. Carnelian alleviates jealousy and possessiveness in relationships so if these are your issues keep it near you.


Amethyst is a valuable Crystal for Twin Flames as it helps us to fulfill our Mission here on Earth and guards against psychic attack. If you or your Twin are under psychic attack Black Tourmaline can be used as a powerful shield to deflect all negative energies, entities and destructive forces that try and keep Twin Flames apart.

You can temporarily align your Chakras with Magnetite as it connects you to the energy of the Earth while you work on your Twin Flame Mission. Coral Quartz pulses with the energy of pure Unconditional Love. Use Black Obsidian to heal the Soul in this life and past lives, paving the way for you to have Unconditional Love. To increase empathy for others and bring you closer to your Twin Flame use Green Aventurine.

Sunstone will stimulate your personal power of attraction and if you really want to be more attractive to your Twin Flame, wear Garnet.  

If you are contemplating giving up your Twin Flame relationship use Aquamarine to remind you that your Soul must evolve along the pathway it laid down for itself prior to incarnation.

If your Twin Flame has run away from you place Leopard Skin Jasper beside your bed, under your pillow or hold it in your hand for comfort as you sleep.

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Use Rhodonite to balance your Alpha and Omega energies aiding you in achieving Tantric Union and your highest potential. Clear Quartz to honor Mother Earth and Kundalini.

To promote Love, Spirituality, Joy, Peace and understanding of the Twin Flame Journey wear or carry Pink, Green or Watermelon Tourmaline.

 If you desire to be the Master of your Twin Flame Destiny use Black Onyx it will stop Spirits from leading you around by the nose and interfering with your Twin Flame Journey.

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