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The Heart Shaped Cake Pan and Twin Flames

The Heart Shaped Cake Pan and Twin Flames

Being a Twin Flame isn’t just about finding some guy to love you and starting a relationship like your parents or your grandparents did. Its not a Walt Disney Fairy Tale movie either. It’s about learning a new way to love and this new way of loving this 5D way of loving, is real love. Its love that you can actually feel and know and have in infinite supply.
The 3D type of love relationships that we grew up with; that a lot of us have already experienced some of us more than once; that we see depicted in most movies and magazines etc is not what Twin Flames are all about. I feel that a lot of the separation and the running with Twin Flames is the universe trying to get you to wake up to that fact. Once you grasp that a 5D relationship is nothing like a 3D relationship you quit trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and then you find that it becomes so much easier to maintain a connection with your Twin Flame.
So stop with the expectations. Stop thinking that he has to do this and he should do that. Or he owes you this because you did that. Thats not how it is at all. That is so 3D and so exhausting for the man in the relationship. This is not to say that you can’t marry or be in a live-in relationship similar to 3D with your Twin Flame; but that by basing and building your relationship on friendship first then unconditional love followed by freedom, peace, balance and equality between the man and the woman; you are manifesting a 5D Twin Flame love lasting life partner.
When you experience this type of love you know you have love. You don’t question it any more. You know that he loves you. It puts an irreplaceable feeling in your heart that love is love. This type of love is something that you get for yourself. You no longer need your Twin Flame to give you love.
Try this: ask to be connected to the heavens through the chakras above your head. Ask for light and love from the heavens to pour down through your crown chakra and flow through your entire body grounding you to mother earth below. You are now receiving from above and below. Have these energies meet in your heart chakra and pull your thoughts, attention and intention out of your head (mind) and drop them down to your heart chakra. Now start to intuit through your heart rather than thinking through your mind. If you are already at this stage awesome. Now concentrate on the feeling of the light and love from the heavens being in your entire heart space. Concentrate on this feeling as you appreciate your own awesome beauty and love for yourself and your Twin Flame.

As your Twin Flame is meant to come into your heart, being one soul in two bodies or your heart my heart as one. Let us now create a space for them to come into by thinking of one of those heart shaped cake pans that they use to make cakes for valentines day. Lol. Think about having this on your chest sunken in to your body going in. Now think about his heart shaped cake pan sticking out on his chest. Your heart is an indent. His heart sticks out. Now think about his heart shaped cake pan being magnetically attracted to and fitting right into your heart shaped cake pan space. His sticking out heart is going to zoom in and fit right into your indented heart space. For Twin Flames that are not male female you will need to adapt this to your particular style of love relationship.

So now you are creating an awesome feeling. If you are not feeling absolutely fantastic and awesome in your whole entire chest area and all the way up your galactic chord to the god head, universe or whatever you like to call it and all way down your body to mother earth then go back and start again.
This is 5D love this is where you find your Twin Flame. Hang out in this area often. Come here everyday and enjoy your Twin Flame. Manifest from here. Once you are in this heart space you are feeling this love from them and the rest of the universe too. Own this love this awesome feeling in your chest in your entire body right now that’s real 5D love. You are not going to get that in any 3D relationship where he forgot to pick you up or left his dirty towel on the floor and now you are mad at him and tell all your friends and family he’s a jerk. It’s not going to happen.
So hangout now in the 5D with him. You can do it in the morning at bedtime and when you go about your day. Try it as you go about your 3D life if you still have one. Try and keep this love feeling as much as possible in your heart space and let it envelope your entire body too. You can still go shoping get your groceries and maintain your thoughts or intuit through your heart rather than through your mind.
Blessings of Twin Flame love for you.
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