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Don’t Hold Back Your Romance, Twin Flames!


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines ROMANCE as – an emotional attraction or aura belonging to an especially heroic era, adventure, or activity. Wow that sounds like Twin Flames to ME!

Some may feel the Twin Flame experience is not a romantic relationship and I can agree with them in part but if you are longing for romance that doesn’t mean that you are not a Twin Flame or that you can’t have romance in a Twin Flame relationship.

What I take it to mean and what’s worked for me is really embracing the new 5D template of love based on friendship, unconditional love, freedom, peace, balance and equality between Men and Women and realizing the Fairy Tale of 3D love is probably not what we will find in a Twin Flame Relationship.

But that a new type of romance can be created with some Twin Flames by finding romance in non-traditional or non–Fairy Tale ways. As long as you are not basing your Twin Flame relationship around the expectation of “getting” 3D romantic love from your Twin and you realise that being a Twin Flame is more about your Mission, being a Way Shower and Working In Service to the planet, I believe you can still find the romance that you are seeking.

Romance and the seeking of romance may be how some of us initially stumble upon the Twin Flame Journey. I know that’s how it happened for me. Life and love is only what you make of it. You can be a Twin Flame and still be romantic. If your Twin is romantic too or some of your romance rubs off on them that’s great.

But it is best not to have expectations of getting romance from them. Like Self Love it should be something we do for ourselves.

Male or female you can plan romantic dates, decorate your home in a romantic way especially the bedroom, speak romantic words and think romantic thoughts, dress in a romantic way, etc. There are no written in stone laws when it comes to Twin Flames in 5D love relationships, at least not that I know of.

How ever there is a caveat to this…in some cases the Twin Flames by pre-arrangement are not meant to be in that kind of relationship. Even so you can still romance yourself as you find your balance on your Twin Flame Journey.

I feel it is best to drop all expectations of having someone else provide for us what we want or need. We should always take that upon ourselves and when we have what we need and want then our Twin may or may not want to enjoy that with us.

Romance doesn’t have to be co-dependent. If you are a romantic Twin Flame even walking across a crowded parking lot you can seek out romance in the moment. Is the moon beautiful? Are the stars out? If not, are the clouds spectacular? Are you holding hands with your Twin Flame? Are you vibrating at the frequency of Love? Are your thoughts on Love and romance? Are you grounded and in your Heart Space?

Now is a good time to be letting go of the old patterns that haven’t served us and moving into what does. Be in the moment, Be Love, Be in Love, Be Loving, You are Love. Be Grateful. These thoughts and feelings will speed up the progress of your Twin Flame Union and your ascension.

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